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  1. …1…

    You are number one!

    A heartfelt congratulations to you…and an even bigger heartfelt “Fuck Cancer” hollers from deep in my soul this morning!

    Have a great ride this morning Ezra. LiveStrong.

  2. Yeah Man!
    A beautiful day, for a wondrous event. So glad we could be there. EJ (Duke), shows no signs of cheese trauma, Putney’s slobber laid down a protective coating. He slept all the way home. Didn’t even make it 4 Blk’s from ya crib before he was bouncing his head off my butt.
    Look’en forward to the NYC wedding Party.

  3. Hey Ezra, I watch from the sidelines as you kick this things ass. You are a great inspiration to all of the cancer survivors out there. Man, you don’t even know me, but I’m soo proud of you!! Looking forward to seeing you at work in teh shop again. Love that wedding. The NS is incredible.

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