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Yesterday I woke up feeling pretty crummy.  Sore throat, not cancer.   It seems to be hanging right on.  I have a busy couple of days of riding coming up tomorrow and monday, so I decided that I would rest yesterday.  Arnold and I will ride soon!   SO.  Not much of a day for the Proto tight ass, but it WAS a big day for the ULTIMATE TIGHT ASS!

Just to be clear for those of you who aren’t grasping all the details..  The bike that I just finished building is a prototype frame that I built just to test out geometry.  The parts hanging from it are parts that my brother and our friend Todd scraped together, just so that I could try the thing out.  To decide if I even liked the concept!  This bike will be my brother’s as soon as the ULTIMATE tight ass is done.

The parts for the UTA are almost entirely being donated by the companies that make them, and yesterday a lot fell into place.

First an XX1 drivetrain arrived from SRAM.  Whoa.  Very cool.  The cassette is bigger than my head!

Then, as the day was winding down, I got word from both Enve and Formula, and they are both ALL IN, and that pretty well completes the build!

XX1 trigger shift drive train

Enve AM rims

Industry Nine classic hubs

Enve seat post, stem, and riser bars

Chris King head set and bottom bracket

Schwalbe Hans Dampf tires

AND Formula T1 brakes

(Discussions are ongoing about the fork, but one way or another, it will almost certainly be a 130mm travel Revelation XX)

I’m pretty over the moon.  I think that this bike will be something REALLY special and the support and generosity that exist in this industry once again leave me speechless.

Thank you thank you TO ALL companies involved.  We’re doing something really cool here.  Thank you as well, once again, to Anvil Bikeworks for donating the 142 x 12 dummy axle, and the disk tab fixtures!

Now I just need to build the frame!  (true temper OX platinum pipes..  figured I’d go with U.S. made wherever it made sense to!)

Still a few items to line up before I start building the frame.   In the meantime, I’ll be riding the protoTA and making sure I’ve got the design dialed in.  And when I’m not riding, I’ll be working on finishing up a few customer bikes that have languished for the last couple of months since I got that weird news in Pleasantville.  Just trying to pack it all in.  Feeling a little bitter that I have a cold!  Not enough to have terminal cancer?!    Say it with me..   “I don’t have TIME for this!!”  It has become like a tourettic tick for me.  I mumble it all day.   I can’t remember who brought it to my attention, but I love it so much-  Einstein pointed out that the only reason for Time was so that everything didn’t happen at once! They don’t call him a genius for nothing!  These days I sort of DO feel as though everything is happening at once.  And I’m having a great time, but boy does it ever tire me out!


Off to the shop!


Big love.




22 Replies to “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid!”

  1. Shit man, big love.

    Admired your work for a while, but never bothered saying so (something about not having time to leave a comment? Yeah, feel right foolish for that now)

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  3. I first heard that Einstein remark from a troupe of jugglers, which was fitting. You, too, keep so much in the air (incl. us readers?). Keep it up! Big love!

  4. So, Ezra . . . about the name. Shouldn’t this Tight Ass really be the Penultimate Tight Ass because, as we know, there always is just one more bike in front of us. Always. Oh, and use the hollow tubing this time. Cheers!

  5. A.Word.A.Day
    with Anu Garg
    (fi-li-PEN-juh-luhs, -PEN-dyoo-)

    adjective: Hanging by a thread.

    From Latin filum (thread) + pendere (to hang). Ultimately from the Indo-European root (s)pen- (to draw, to spin), which is also the source of pendulum, spider, pound, pansy, pendant, ponder, appendix, penthouse, depend, and spontaneous. Earliest documented use: 1864.

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