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I would like to start by saying thank you.  Sincerely.  The response to my last post was really quite a boost.  It has made me excited about this whole project and the process.

I will be curating small batches of 9-12 images that all fit together in some way.  The connection between the images in these sets will start out pretty obvious but will become less literal and more  ..  occult? as time goes by.  The photos will be available in limited numbers, and the sets – batches – groups, whatever we end up calling them, will not be available indefinitely.  I have no idea how much longer I’m going to live..  and there are quite a number of these little curations (not a word, I don’t think), that I’d like to put up.  They will go up.. they’ll stay for a little while..   some individual images may sell out..  and soon a new collection will go up in the old one’s place.  Once a group comes down, those images won’t be available anymore, unless one happens to show up in another group, which is likely to happen with some images.

It’ll be fast and furious.  Hopefully fun!

But, to be clear..  I am not putting up a static page of images for sale that slowly grows over time.  Instead it will be a dynamic process.  It is an exciting opportunity for me to look back through years of photographs and it’s my hope that finding interesting ways to group them will allow me AND all of you to see them with fresh eyes, and maybe discover some photos that slipped through the cracks the first time around.

For now, all the photos will be printed roughly 5×7 on 8.5×11 paper.  I’ll be using %100 cotton rag, acid free, matte paper and archival inks that are supposed to last a million years.  I will be printing them all myself, here at the Vermont House in Harlem.  I am keeping the number of prints limited to make sure that I don’t end up feeling overwhelmed by the process.  I want it to feel manageable and fun.

I landed on this approach after much discussion with family and friends.  I was universally encouraged to start with self portraits.  I have taken SO many over the years that narrowing it down to just 9 was pretty difficult.  Undoubtedly more of them will turn up in other sets down the line.

Thank you all again for your undying support.  Go buy lots of prints!  (I’ve got my eye on a new camera!!!??, and I’d like to leave Hill some money in the bank when I GO!).  Please let me know if you run into any trouble with the site or see any errors that I’ve missed.

Now.  Off to the shop to make pill flasks!

Happy 4th of July.

Fast boy OUT!

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  1. Excuse me if I missed where you said this, Ezra, but will they be signed? And if so, by you? (’cause just grabbing some random soul off the street to sign them would be a little odd …)

  2. Ok. Here’s my question. Do you accept overseas orders. I’m in Spain and I so want some of your photos…(Say yes, pretty please)

  3. Ezra es good idea,i need to buy same photos ,remenber when you went to viset el salvador yuo took a lot photos a bout us,please send me imail. And i wil sed you may addres and you money.Thank. Lot my frian i love to much.espero verte un dia amigo estoy esperando el momento oportuno.a

  4. You are a special man Ez, I am with you, your supportive wife, you family, your photos. Take care, un bacio da Firenze.

  5. Your images are beautiful. I’ve only recently discovered the blog and have been going back and reading your story the past few nights. Your wife and I are in my thoughts. I hope your pain is managed and you are enjoying each moment! Also, I’ve been contemplating getting a bike for awhile and after I found this blog it was like the universe was telling me to get one! 🙂 Probably not something as nearly amazing as what you have made though. Well wishes!

  6. he hee i love this. You gotta be FAST around here – a couple have already sold out!! I have in mind the ones I want to buy. I feel like my grandmother with her bingo cards spread out in front of her, waiting to see if her numbers get called. That said, I think my perception of some of these photos I thought I knew will change and there will be impulse buys as well. I love the way you’re doing this. I’m SURPRISED by how you’re doing this. Never change:) Happy 4th, all.

  7. Just made my first purchase – “Dirty Black Irish”. I remember admiring that photo when you first posted it. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  8. Hiya Ezra! Nice to see you’re still in the entrepreneur game. I would like to know how and where I could get one or two of your pill flasks? Do you have pictures of them? I take a lot of pills, and I think something like that would be handy for me, plus I would get to have something that you made, as I could never afford one of your bikes. It would also go towards leaving something for HIll, but I don’t like to think about that, makes me sad.
    Thinking of you, lots.

  9. Love these exquisite photographs. And the others we’ve viewed of lovely Hill and adorable Putney and food and people. Thank you for the sale tab, I’m sending it to friends who will feel fortunate when they own one of these beauties, or the next surprising special ones. With gratitude, dog bliss you!!

  10. This is great news. I’ll be checking your shop often. I was looking at some of your Nova Scotia photos and I have to say some of the places look very familiar (my mom lives in Petite Riviere). Enjoy your week-end. Warm greetings from a broiling hot Italy.

  11. What a wonderful idea! I am so glad I stopped by to see what you were up to. You are so talented Ezra in so many ways. It is a joy to see you share it. Big love to you!

  12. Those pill flasks and their photographs are stunning Ezra, you bring them to life! Really beautiful, look forward to owning one, xo

  13. Ezra…not sure if you will get this comment, or not, but I would LOVE to buy a photo of you and your sweet wife (that is of course signed by you) that you have shown in this post: Is that even an option at all?

    That photo speaks volumes about love and I am equally lucky enough to have an amazing and wonderful marriage as well. I would love to have your photo hanging on my wall as a reminder of love and hope and happiness! If it’s a possibility, please email me at:

    You inspire others more than you’ll ever know! Hope today is a good day for you! BIG LOVE to you and your sweet Hill!!

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