Nova Scotia

Hill and I are celebrating our 2 year anniversary today. We don’t know that it really is, we’re just guessing. Oct 1st seems like a nice date. Easy to remember. We’ll be heading down the coast a little way to have dinner with some friends, and watch the VP debate. We’re hoping for high comedy.

So far we’ve had pretty glum weather up here. Gray every day. It’s definitely a different place than it is in early September. All the colors are more muted. Some of the local weeds that we like to eat (lamb’s quarters namely) are all gone, but the cranberries are in full swing. The mussels are taking over the islands. Can’t eat them fast enough.

It’s interesting to be up here in recovery mode. I’m really not the man I used to be (wonder if I ever was). More physical work goes into a day up here than back in the city. There’s water to haul, lots of in and out of boats, lots of scrambling around on rocks. And I notice the difference from last year. I’m not complaining. Not surprised. Just sayin’. Life hasn’t been all that physical for the last couple of months. A lot of curling up in the fetal position and etc.. Strangely that’s not all that restful. I think you get better rest when you’re a little physically tired out to begin with. It’s doing me wonders to be up here, I think.

The radiation burns are pretty well healed up at this point.  I’ve still got a certain amount of discomfort from the ex-tumor itself, but it gets a little better each day.  While N.S. is paradise for me, I am pretty excited to get back in the shop.. to get back to work.  The orders are piling up.  Current wait time for a bike, with a little surgery time accounted for, is about six months!

The other day, Hill and I took a walk to back harbor.  A year (plus a few weeks) ago I did the same walk with my mom and step-father, and we discussed the feasibility of becoming a frame builder.  It’s hard for me to believe that one year later I could be in such a different place..  that one year ago, I didn’t even know how to weld.  It’s a crazy life.  And a hell of a lot of fun.