It’s been hot hot in NYC

This July only missed being the hottest on record here in NYC by a few tenths of a degree.  So far August hasn’t shown much change.  It makes the “what do you want for dinner?” question a little harder to answer!

Last night it was a cold pasta with seafood.

You’ll need

Baby octopus

Squid (tentacles only if you can convince the person at the seafood counter.  Hill had no trouble).

Bay scallops





and some other really obvious stuff.

Start by making a cold seafood salad.

Sear the scallops in olive oil with some yellow mustard seed. Please don’t over cook.  With little bay scallops this will only take a minute.  Boil the octopus in well salted water (and a splash of vinegar).  They’ll need 8-10 minutes.  When you have just a couple of minutes to go, add the squid tentacles and finish them off together.  Drain and rinse with cold water until they’re cool.  Cut all of this up into bite sized bits (feeding whatever you think is unsightly to your appreciative dog).

Combine the seafood in a bowl with olive oil, mashed garlic, thinly sliced shallot, sherry vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and let it sit and marinate for half an hour or so.  If you start the pasta water AFTER you’ve done all this, the timing will work out pretty well!

When the pasta is done, either ice bath it or rinse it with cold water until cool.  Toss with the seafood salad, adding torn up basil, parsley, and some coarsely chopped grape or cherry tomato.  You’ll probably have to add a little olive oil.. maybe another squeeze of lemon.  Salt.  Pepper.  You know.  We had it with a green salad.


In other news:  It’s summer streets time again in NYC.  For three Saturdays in August, the DOT shuts down car traffic on Lafayette and Park Avenue so that people can run walk and ride bikes unmolested by honking horns.  It’s gotten a little bigger and better each year.  This year there are dumpster pools along the route, which is pretty wild.  You can find info including the hours and the route here.  The DOT has been kind enough to ask me to show bikes again.  I’ll be at Spring and Lafayette from around 7am until the street sweepers come by and the cars come back at 1pm.  Please come out and visit!  You may even see Spidey!