Didn’t really get out much this week.  It seems that there were always conflicts of one sort or another.  Even with all that rest I felt a little lead legged this morning.  Still.  Feels good to have gone.

Tuesday morning I went and got an EMG to try and determine what’s causing the sciatic pain I’ve been dealing with.  What a strange test that is!  It involves getting electrocuted in creative ways and measuring the resistance.  They can find nerve damage of various sorts.  They didn’t find anything conclusive, though.. A slight decrease in activity in an area that would indicate a nerve pinch at S1.  So back to the nerve pinch/bulging disk theory.  I’ve got a Petscan coming up next week. Maybe I can have them add whatever they’d need to do (MRI?) to see what’s going on.  Increased activity does not seem to be helping or hurting.

Yesterday I packed up a customer’s nose bike frame and rims to take to BKLYN for Lance at SquareBuilt to powder coat.  Got as far as 42nd st and had a little shit bag malfunction.  A pair of little boys sat down next to me on the train.  One turned to the other and said, “ew…   You farted?  who farted?  He farted?”

Oh god.  I THOUGHT I had smelled something.  Couldn’t exactly lift my shirt on a crowded train and figure out what was going wrong, though.

It seems that I had some real beginner’s luck with the irrigation.  Having to work out the details now. Hilarious.

Today is my last day as a bachelor.  Hill gets back tomorrow.  Not a moment too soon!

Friday already

Had a nice little run this morning.  Cool and crisp and sunny out.  Listened to Prince.  Obviously.

Hill left town yesterday.  She’ll be in Israel for the next ten days, with a group of fellow PHD students presenting at a conference.  Whoa.  (Not really sure what I’m going to do with myself!!  work..  yeah.  Probably work.)

Yesterday I finished up a set of four stools that I’d been meaning to get around to for ages.

About six months ago, on the way home from dinner with a friend, I found a a big (4’X6′) oak table top on the street.  After looking around for someone that it could possible belong to, Brenden and I carried it home.  The bulk of it became a dining room table that I’d promised my brother over a year ago.  I cut the tops for these stools out of a chunk that remained.  Far too small to get more than two full circles out of, but I decided that it wouldn’t bother me at all if they weren’t FULL circles.  The legs are brazed 4130.  Pretty happy with them.

Perfect for the kitchen side of our counter/dining room table.  They can slide under and stay out of the way when the kitchen is busy.

Caldwell out.