Oh hi.


Yesterday I gave my doc’s assistant a call to see if there was any progress on scheduling a PetCt.

“Oh..  That’s with the financial department at the moment..  Usually it takes a week or so.  Someone will call you.”


Got a call back ten minutes later,

“Ok, so.  They got approval.  How’s tomorrow morning?”

We’ve decided here at the VT house that this is a girl who knows how keep expectations LOW!  What a good trick!

“Tomorrow morning is GREAT!”

So.  I’m home from the scan now.  It’s 1:00 in the afternoon.  I’m just now having my second cup of coffee (first came from a bad coffee shop on the upper east side near the Petscan store..  No coffee allowed pre-scan).  And I’m supposed to find some way to get out to the shop and be productive now.  We’ll see.

One of the really nice things about cancer.. or at least this is what the doctors seem to have figured out..  is that it doesn’t grow on the weekend!

So there you go.  Just like me, you get to wait until monday to hear the verdict.  (unless my doc’s assistant gets involved!)

slippery slope

Some news.  In no particular order.

I’ve had a few doc appointments this week.  Six months has come and gone, and I’m due for a scan.  It’ll be scheduled in the next few days.

“So how do you feel?”


“that’s great.  Any pain?”



“Sciatic pain persists.. I’ve upped the gabapentin dose.  And I have a broken rib.”

“you what?!”

“Broken rib.  I had it x-rayed the other day so that the bright spot that shows up in the petscan won’t trigger some sort of emergency response.”

“good thinking.  How’d you break your rib?”



Last spring when I built the hardass, the seated replacement for the assless, it proved to be a bit of an influence.  It encouraged reckless behavior.  I started looking for things to ride over.  Little patches of dirt in parks around the city, small sets of stairs..  etc.  Pretty soon I had found a quarter mile of single track in a park up in the bronx, and started riding the 8 miles there and back just to do laps.  “note to self..  knobby tires, lower air pressure, some gloves, and a helmet..  next time.  And a rear brake would be helpful”

Eventually I started venturing farther afield.  My friend Dale took me to Jungle Habitat in New Jersey, where we bumped into some guys wearing armor, who scratched their heads about my single speed, fully rigid, 26″ bike with one brake.

I went up to Vermont and took a ride with my brother, Zach, who is a very talented mountain biker, and with whom my relationship might be a little competitive..  (He’s the one in the photo standing on his tip toes..)


We had a gas!  My fitness was terrible, but I felt like I did pretty well.  Crashing through the woods on some pretty technical single track, trying to keep up with my very fast brother, mostly staying on my bike, and thinking a lot about how helpful a back brake would be.

A few days later, when I was able to walk again, he put me on his wife’s bike..  a double squishy 29er with gears and TWO brakes!!!  It was a revelation.

To shorten up a longer story..   My friend CB who works for Kona, presented me with an awesome bike sometime in september and I’ve been trying to break it ever since.  We sort of figured that if he was going to ride one of my bikes, it was only fair that I ride one of his!

I’ve been getting on metro north and heading up into westchester to ride at graham hills and blue mountain (special thanks to Gorgeous Georges and Sweet Mango Girl).  It may be saving my life.  It’s like having found religion.  It has renewed my interest in bicycles, and in building them.. even if I’m not building the sort of bikes that I’m riding!  (that could change.  Someone.  please.  Order a 1×11 hardtail 29er AM bike.)

Anyway.  That’s how I broke my rib.  No big deal.

“… I’ve also been feeling some of that spooky dull pain that makes me think I have cancer.”


“Dull rectal pain.. except I have no rectum..  Pre-sacral pain, I guess..  “

“Ok.  Let’s schedule a Scan..     Anything else to report.”

“I had one very intense bout of intestinal pain..  It’s happened 3 times in the last year and a half.  Gas pain I think.  But REALLY bad.  I saw my GI about it..  he wasn’t alarmed..”


“Oh!  and without going into too much detail about how I know this *cough*..  When I ejaculate, nothing comes out… “

“Is that a change?”

“yup.  I DO have some sperm stored in the Empire State Building, but not much.  The reality is suddenly sinking in, in more than a vague way, that I may not have my own children..    I guess that’s ok, though.  Maybe that way they won’t be so white!!”

“. . .”

My attempt to make light of the situation didn’t convince either of us, I don’t think.

 “If you like, I can ask around and see if any of my urologist colleagues specialize in this sort of thing. “

“Please do..”

Yesterday’s appointment was with my new surgeon.  He’s never cut me, but if I need serious cutting he’ll be the one to do it.  A really nice guy.  I met with him, so that he could take a look and see whether or not he thought a plastic surgeon could give me a little more ass crack.

More soon.

Fast boy out!