grey linen sheets




This morning I was woken up by some break through pain.  I was struck (as usual) by the north western window light and luckily (not sure how much luck was really involved) there was a camera nearby.

Garlic scapes abound.




This year the farmer’s markets are full of garlic scapes.  I haven’t really noticed that in previous years.  They’re like ramps in that there’s a really brief period that they’re in season, and they’re worth eating just about every night during that period! (a friend of ours in Nova Scotia grows garlic, and last year we happened to be there during scape season and she was NOT.  Naturally it was our duty to take care of all the scapes for her!)

This was pasta with garlic scapes and pistachios (!?), cream, parmesan, shredded basil.   So goddam good!  No idea where it came from, just popped into my head, but everyone loved it.  I may have to do it again before scape season ends!







Il Buco




A couple of weeks ago I got an email from a complete stranger’s email account.



We’ve been following your story for quite some time and would like to give you a night off, so to speak. We work at a restaurant called Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria, we love bikes and we love food and we’d like to share that with you. Please let us know which night you’d like to come in and we’ll take care of the rest. 
Thank you,

The Kitchen at IBA&V


So Tuesday night Hill and I went and ended up having one of the very best meals we’ve ever eaten out at a restaurant.  We were ushered in and seated at a counter overlooking the kitchen.  The counter was set for just two.  It seemed pretty clear that no one would be joining us for our personal little viewing.  Before we could order drinks, Jenn showed up with some bubbly for Hill and said, “Ezra, your boiler maker tonight will be mother’s milk and applejack.”  They had done their research.  When I asked her to order for us, she was happy to do so and put together an astonishing meal.

Plate of house cured meats.

Ricotta with herbs and pine nuts.

Octopus with fava beans.

Gnocchi (better than my own.  I am both delighted and a little ashamed to report) with wild mushrooms.

Pasta with a simply perfect and delicate red sauce (anchovies and toasted almonds?!).

Roasted short ribs with horseradish shaved over the top.

And salted caramel ice cream and panna cotta with balsamic for desert.


It was magic.   Such a random and beautiful act.  Go check out Il Buco.





june 17th





The other day I spent the afternoon in the shop making pill flasks.  Two of them.  One for Special Ed for father’s day.  Bigger than the first so they can handle most reasonable pills, but otherwise quite the same.  I’m sneaking up on just the right thing. Everyone who holds one wants to keep it.

When I came in from the shop I found the dinner shopping spread out for me.  It’s a beautiful world.

Peas and Radishes




Right now the farmer’s markets in NYC are piled high with snap peas and radishes.  They’re wonderful together!  Give it a try.

Make sure to get snap peas and not shell peas.  They look pretty similar, but shell peas are meant to be shelled (that is, the little individual peas are meant to be taken out and the shells discarded) whereas snap peas are meant to be eaten shell and all!

Radishes seem to be arriving in more varieties than you can imagine.  Get whichever ones suit your spice or color preference!!

Slice the radishes as thin as your knife and/or knife skills will allow you to.  If you’re dealing with a very round variety of radish (as opposed to some of the more oblong almost carrot shaped types) it’ll help to cut the thing in half first so that you have a nice facet to rest on the counter.

Slice the peas similarly thin!  Just start at the belly of the pea, and make super thin slices just about 1:30 or 2:00 off angle from lengthwise  (if you follow my meaning).

Make a basic oil and vinegar salad dressing.  Olive oil, sherry vinegar, mustard, mashed garlic, salt pepper, and some fresh dill or mint if you like and/or some lemon zest.  Toss it about ten minutes before you intend to eat.  Wonderful and refreshing.

Ta da.

And until you get the hang of it, I’ll remind you that clicking on the picture will take you to a gallery of pictures that I’ve taken over the last day or so.

CB was in town.


cb with fb ink



Our good friend Cory Blackwood was in town this last week for work.  On thursday we had dinner with him at Cafe Mogador (a favorite of ours), and he asked how I felt about him getting a tattoo with a Fast Boy reference in it.

When he came to our house for dinner on monday, it was already done!