Ezra in his shop

If Ezra wasn’t in his shop working, he was thinking about and wanting to be in his shop working- and whether making bikes, furniture, pill flasks, photographs, or dinner, he was just as much if not more interested in the tools and processes as he was in the final products.  These tools need new homes.

Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be posting for sale various items from Ezra’s wood, metal, and photo shops.  We hope others will find them as useful and relevant to their work as they were to Ezra.

If you have any questions, please direct them to Hillary: hillcaldwell@gmail.com and Sam: samueldnewman@gmail.com

Items now for sale include:




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  1. love ezra so much and will never forget him. he is literally larger than love, love to his family. wish i could have met you Ezra, Gwendolyn

    and thanks for this posting

  2. I think of Ezra often and he still inspires me. Cancer has hit close to home for my family and his words and photos are on my mind regularly and I find it a comfort. I’m still thankful to him for sharing with us and wish all of his loved ones comfort and happiness.

  3. I was wondering if any pill flasks or prints were still for sale (leftovers)
    I would love to purchase either


  4. Thanks for the post and allowing the tools of his trade to live on. I hope I speak for others when I say that I am glad and thankful to see his websites stay up as I still frequent them often; if anything for his love of food and the generosity in sharing his recipes. While I can’t make a bike or take an amazing photo without even trying I can still cook and making something he shared with all of us makes me feel like I know him, even if it is just a little. Thank you

  5. I use the “instructions for cooking” too, and am always inspired by Ezra’s creativity when doing so. I second the gratitude for keeping the websites active…thank you!

  6. I was fortunate enough to finally meet Ezra at the Warsaw during the bike show. I live a few blocks away, and I had been following this page for a very long time. Ezra had a way of making me cry and laugh and love all in one post. My boyfriend and I made sure to attend the bike show. I was a ball of nerves before the show. I had hoped that both of you would be there. We arrived at the Warsaw and I paced the showroom waiting for Ezra’s booth to calm down. I finally walked up to him, introduced myself, and rambled on about how I read everything he writes, love his photos… blah blah blah… then I said, “Anyway… can I give you a hug?”
    Ezra replied with, “You should have started with that!” and hugged me so tight I was afraid I would break him.
    We chatted for a bit and then his booth got busy again and I said farewell.
    I cried all the way home. I’m crying now as I write this. I even tend to tear up when I pass the Warsaw and think of that day… that hug.
    Hillary, while all of us have followed and fallen for Ezra, we have also fallen for you. You are the LOVE that healed him in ways that no medicine could. I truly believe that. Thank you for reaching out to us. Thank you for sharing Ezra with us.
    Sending you Love, Strength, and Well Wishes… always.
    Be well.

    ps: If you are willing to part with the table vice that Ezra is perched on in this photo, I would love to purchase it from you. I am starting a small jewelry business and I’ve been looking for a vice just like this one. I haven’t felt like making a trip to Home Depot… but I would certainly, happily, make the trip to pick up this piece. And I would proudly use it to hand-craft beautiful art in the Spirit of Ezra.

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