Three day frame set.

The last couple of weeks were going to serve as a benchmark for what to expect over the next 4 or 5 months.  Last time I wrote I was headed in to get the pump pulled and was free for the next ten days.  By last weekend I was starting to feel all right.  It definitely took a little longer than I would have liked.  I was really hoping to be able to work again by friday.  No such luck.  Then, monday morning I woke up with a cold.  It got progressively worse as the week went on.  By wednesday I could only whisper.  Pretty amusing.  So much for that benchmark.  With any luck, that’s NOT how it’ll go each cycle.  I’m at the docs now..  tube in chest, getting my infusion.  Let another cycle begin.  It’ll be a long day, so I brought my laptop to try and catch up on some office work..  (Or maybe just watch a movie).  My cold is hanging on still, but only by a thread.  Just in time!  I’m hoping that it’s gone entirely by the time the chemo effects wear off, and for a change I can feel GOOD for a few days.  waa waa.

Despite the cold, I was wonderfully productive over the last few days.  I managed a 5 hour work day on friday.. 8 hours on saturday.. and yesterday I spent a whopping ten hours in the shop.  I came in exhausted and happy.  I managed, in those three days, to build an entire frame set.  A personal record (though maybe not in terms of total hours).  YAY.  This one will be a lot like TF2, but with a straight blade fork, and a slightly different build.  I left the shop in shambles.  It’ll have to wait for me that way.

Billy has taken to spending Sundays in my kitchen.  Fine by me.  I can just put my head down in the shop and work, and come in to a warm meal. Yesterday he made some outstanding chile verde, with fresh dinner rolls (and a couple types of cookies).  Bill has been an outstanding help through all this.  Available any time he’s needed.  What a thing to have friends!

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  1. i like how your photography compliments your wonderful frame building so well. good work I cant wait to see more progress.

  2. Hey there compañero!!…..Damn Tio..i love this frame..its makes me feel all “Loco”!..
    A big huge and many many “Animos” form Spain amigo mio!..Keep strong compañero!!

    Until now..

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