Hi all.  I’m in the middle of cycle #8.  When I finish this (tomorrow), I’ll be two thirds done.  Just two more months to go.  May 20th I’ll get unplugged one final time.  After that, there will be some tests and etc.. but I’ll be finished.  Yesterday was pretty long and uncomfortable, but I’m feeling ok today.  It really does tend to be the frirst day that’s hard.

Work in the shop has been slow lately.  Having trouble finishing things.   More interested in starting things.  I’ve been working a little on my TIG welding.  The guys who do it well are real artists..  wow.  Not easy.  I really enjoy it, though.  I’ve been using it to make some jigs recently.  Just little tools that will make certain processes quicker and more accurate.  I guess I should take some pictures..  the jigs themselves are really cool objects.

The whole expansion notion has been taking up a lot of mental space.  I think that’s part of my trouble working lately..  Hard to work in a space that you’ve already mentally left, and replaced with something above ground, with big windows, and big tools.  It has become quite clear, though, that doing so would mean ramping up production quite a lot.  Maybe even having an employee to take care of shipping, and cleaning up, and books, and etc..  We’ll see. (Not to mention, finding investors to get the whole thing off the ground).

It’s getting to be spring here in NYC.  Slowly but surely.  Average temps slowly rising, with the occasional truly beautiful day.  Gin and tonic weather before you know it.  I had a new roof put on the house in the fall..  doing so meant dismantling our roof deck.  That is a situation that will clearly need to be rectified soon.   I’ll need to borrow an extra set of hands and put it back together so we don’t miss any good grilling weather.

Time for a piece of toast.

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  1. Thought of you yesterday as I was walking downtown from 116th to 79th through Riverside Park at the end of a glorious weekend spent in New York.

  2. you’re getting there man! really looking forward tot he day you can look back on all this shit as a holy shit type memory. all my best to you – take care.

  3. Congrats on reaching yet another milestone, Ezra. I remember the relief at being half way done with radiation, then done with that, then done with surgery, etc. I hope your side effects are minimal and that May 20th is here in a blink. 🙂

    Not to be the fly in the ointment, but I’m intrigued by those of my fellow RC folks that are having 12 chemo treatments vs the 8 I had. While 12 is the standard of care for CC, I thought those of us that had chemoradiation got to count that chemo towards our ultimate total?

    Of course you are in NYC and being treated by the best of the best I am *sure*, so I should probably just quit with the meddling… 😉

    Best wishes and better health!

  4. Congrats on making to 2/3rds of the way. Its all downhill from here. Enjoy the newly found spring weather as it warms up and don’t forget to get outside.

  5. Hang in there, slow and steady does it lots of time for other projects enjoy that spring weather, friends and family first. Best wishes. Allez!

  6. Another pb for you Ezra!

    Ran the Bath Half Marathon ( 13.1 miles ) two weeks ago – March 15th – in 2hrs 9mins. knocking 5 minutes off last year’s time of 2hrs 14mins.

    Now as I gear up ( taper down – more’s to the point! ) for next Sunday’s Paris Marathon – April 5th – ( YIKES… GULP ) you’re well within my psyche as I prepare to face for the third time in under 12 months – that 26.2 mile monster!

    We think and talk about you often… allez allez allez

    Flossie Flannel-Tits…

  7. Dear Ezra,

    I came across your blog and was amazed at how brave you are to tell your story. You are awesome, and the fact that you have been doing and making things during your treatment is pretty fricking incredible. Having endured the toxins of cancer treatment myself, I seriously feel for you as you make your way, and remember how hard it was at times to feel like a whole human being. So far I’ve made it five years. Those memories of the 5FU have faded- memory is merciful as you’ve said. Hang in there, believe it will get better. Seems like you have the whole world rooting for you. Please know, I do actually pray, and will say a few for you 🙂


  8. Mahdia was practicing her hammering skills last night — on the window sill and the wall — maybe I can send her over to help you reassemble the roof deck.

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