an early start

Hill and I rode in to the surgeon’s office this morning to get the final marching orders.  Surgery is at 8am tomorrow.  We have to be at the hospital at 6.  I have to wake up and give myself an enema first.

“May I have just a little cup of espresso?”


4:30 am wake up for an enema and no coffee?  I want my money back.

If all goes to schedule, I should be waking up from surgery around 1:00.  I’ll be intubated and catheterized.  The tube will come out of my throat as soon as I’m showing signs of life, and breathing on my own.  The catheter will stay in for some days.

The whole thing has happened so quickly.  Sort of hard to believe.  During the afternoon I’ve been doing a final clean out.. strange to know that it’s the last I’ll ever need to sit on a toilet!!  Think about that one for a minute!

Sort of at a loss for words, I’m afraid.  Please do your mojo for me tomorrow.


I’m up.  Pretty lousy sleep as was expected.  I was up running back and forth to the bathroom until a little after midnight.  Was just settling into a nice non-anxiety dream when the alarm went off.  Got up.  Made Hill some coffee, and here we are.  About to do my final preparations *coughs*.  Laptop and books are all packed up..  special blanket for the hospital that came in the mail from a friend..  Think I’m good to go.  More from the other side of this thing!

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  1. Ez,

    I’m not necessarily the praying sort, but I’m praying that everything goes well for you tomorrow. I know you can get through this and come out the other side better than ever!

    You’re in my thoughts, and mojos are mojoing.

  2. Thinking of you, Ezra, and sending all good everything to you. I am so profoundly sad and sorry that you — such a gifted, young, and otherwise healthy person — have to go through this. But all wishes to you for the absolute best outcome. Like I told you and Hillary on Sunday, if there’s anything I can do at all call anytime. I’m here for you both. Lots of love.

  3. pulling for you, BTW I have a little deal myself on Wed. an angioplasty and stent for my 90 percent blocked cardiac artery. minor league compared to you, but I will be thinking of you this week and moving forward. I have long admired your photographic art and the tangible beauty of your cycle construction, you are a true artist and craftsman. wish I was half as good., hang in have a lot to contribute to the universe. and then of course, you have a great, funky, olympic athlete dog.

  4. I hadn’t visited your blog in months. Don’t know why but I had to check it out tonight. So sorry about the news, though I am sure this time you’ll teach cancer to sob! NYC is in mojo overdrive for you tonight!

  5. We’re thinking of you Ez. Thinking of the fact that, due to the time difference, you’re actually right now just waking up and getting ready for this day is breaking my heart. Coincidence is cruel sometimes.

  6. Dear internet friend, you have been on my mind this entire day. Entire past 2 weeks actually. We are all here waiting to hear good news about your ordeal. With all of these good vibes, and mojo, coming your way there will no doubt be powers to help pull you through this. Hang in the Mr. Strong Man!

  7. thought of you at 5 this morning when i woke up. Almost tip-toed over to paste a Halloween pic on your gate of mahdia (dancer) and sekai (jedi) to wish you grace and force. stilling wishing you both now.

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