Team WAS FAST BOY runs/walks for a cure.

This one is a bit of a plug, folks.  On march 27th, Emily and Hill and I will be running (well..  I’ll be walking), in a 15k Colon Cancer run/walk for a cure.  It’s an event hosted by the Colon Cancer Challenge Foundation.

It’ll be the farthest that Hill has ever run, and she’s been training for it.  (Em has done a few marathons..  she’s ready.)
It’ll be by far the longest I’ve traveled in any way in about six months..  I have been training for it by lying on my back on pain meds.  Should be pretty interesting.  There is also a little 1.7k walk or something, but I felt that 15k was a bit more of a statement.  Happily, it lands on the final day of a two week treatment round, so I’ll be feeling about as well as I can!

Over the last couple of years, I, we, have been frankly overwhelmed by the kind of support that you out there have offered.  People stop by with coffee..  and bourbon.  And once an envelope of cash, just left anonymously in our mailbox (with some cookies). You’ve bought photos from me on Etsy, which has actually provided me with some income during a time when I’m not able to work.  Mostly though there has just been an incredible cheering section throughout this process.  I am gratified, and honored, and humbled, and many other things.  The truth is, though, that there are boat loads of people going through exactly what I am, but not writing about it.   People who are NOT in the rather lucky position that I am of having such support from family, wife, dog, friends, complete strangers.  During my treatment over the last couple years, I’ve had overlap with some of these folks.  A good number of them aren’t around anymore.  It’s heartbreaking.  There is precious little funding out there for research, and let’s face it.. colon cancer isn’t really one of the glamorous ones!  If you’re up for it, please support these folks.  Do it within your means.  You are a big group of people, and have broad shoulders.  Every little bit will count.  Thank you so much.  Go here.

In other news..  My week of reprieve has turned out to be a bit of a bummer so far.  I think that whatever it was that finally built up enough to drive my white counts down so low, also managed to take most of the stuffing out of me.  I’ve been pretty tired.  Spent yesterday just resting in bed.  I’m hoping that after my erbitux top up on monday, a little energy starts to return.  I am planning to build myself a touring bike to go with Hill’s (did I already say that..  chemo brain), so that we can do some touring together at the end of the summer.  (Timmy, Chris and little girl Pearl, Cory, Christopher, Kendall, Guy…   get ready).  With the neuropathy, my possible work days are pretty limited, and my dexterity isn’t what I’m used to, but it won’t matter much building a bike for myself!  No clients’ bikes will suffer from my current condition.  It’ll be a way to ease myself back into the shop.  Fingers crossed.

Big love!

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  1. Hey Ez, you and your support team are Rock Stars in the universe of amazing human beings. will be rooting for you on the day of. And good on ya for reminding us of the quiet folks out there suffering from the same affliction. Your light shines far and wide my friend. xoM

  2. Ezra – I’ve been following your blog, and have been cheering you on from Chicago.

    I donated because when my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, I shaved my head and raised money and people I didn’t even know (from the internet) donated. My mom gets her port out on Friday.

    Thank you for blogging, and for being strong. I look forward to your posts.

  3. Off subject…but didn’t you say you were a dancer? I’d like to see a video of that. Something about seeing you dance would be very inspiring to me. 🙂

  4. Comic Sans?!?! Also, the form won’t let me submit…something about having to check the company co-donation box?…except I’m unemployed ATM, ha! Can I just paypal you directly?

  5. Great to read about your plans my friend, you will make a great rice and for sure you will be working again soon. Just don’t stress yourself so much, keep the good vibe, enjoy every little detail in your life and with your loved ones. Everyone out here without know you wish you the best. A hug.

  6. You all look very distinguished. Glad to hear your troop is walking/running for a colon cancer cure! I will be rooting you all on from the west coast of Canada…
    I too would love to know what kind of dance you did and would also love to see something…wouldn’t that be awesome…
    Keep up the good work Ezra!

  7. So good to see you doing something to bring some attention to this nasty disease. It’s long been the number 2 cancer killer behind lung cancer, but it (and lung cancer, for that matter) is sorely lacking in publicity and “sexiness” when you account for what folks like those at Komen do.

    We host a little race in NW Arkansas in May for colon cancer awareness each year… maybe one day you can be a rock star guest and join us. 🙂

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