How I generally check for size.

Well.  I had the best intentions.  Didn’t really ever manage to get it started today, though.  The first problem was that I slept in..  until 8:00.. BUT NO!!!  9:00 with the time change!!!   BLAST.  There goes the day. More than that though, I just felt a little tired.  The frame is close to done, but there are lots of little details to take care of still..  bridges, bosses, braze ons of various descriptions, seat clamp, canti cable stop, etc..  A good solid day of work still.  Oh well.  Ran out of steam..  Think I might take a nap.

Dreading tomorrow.  That may be part of it as well.  Dread takes a lot of energy.

Pretty excited about this bike, though!  Always fun to be making something for yourself.  Most fun, though is to imagine being well enough to ride, and to imagine the cool rides I’ll do with my lovely wife (and anyone else who wants to join us.)  And as you can see, it fits perfect!

Ok.  Going to get a little rest.

Big love to you all, and another round of thank yous to everyone donating money to the 15K.  We’re NEARLY at $5k!

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  1. Youre so cool!
    Im reading your blog while on a secret mission to Japan for my local bikemonger. Im trying to find a cheap way to get Nitto stuff and Tokyo Bell brass bells (not easy).
    Now after the quake its nice to read your blog and think about something nice instead of all the devastation and anxiety.

  2. I have been reading your blog for months . At first, a little jealous that you seem to do everything with such ease and style. Then, I decided you were good and that this site is good and I am really into good things. After awhile, I decided to do some good things. I cleaned up my room. Tuned up my mountain bike , ran a 5k, signed up for a tri (in about 6 weeks.. zoiks!)
    Earlier, I read the bike comments and understood and you called me a geek. So proud.
    I introduced you to my fab family, I have a dog that is really fast. Lastly, my youngest son is quite a cook and we are going to copy your cooking film thing. ( hope it doesn’t have a patent.) Don’t worry though we will give you all the credit. Stay strong and power on.

  3. Very good pretty frame!!, I’m at home again!! it’s fantastic after 18 days at hospital, thank you so much for everything, I have little pain, but you are in my mind and everythings are easiest. Have a very good time. Your head is brilliant!. Hugs!

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