What an amazing night.  What a party.  I had no idea I knew that many people..  Had even less idea that there were that many people that I really like and wanted to see!  Like a big warm embrace, the whole thing.

I have a lot to say about the whole thing, but the purpose for this quick post is simple.  Just to bring your attention to the sale page for that one lonely photo, as promised.  I will leave sales for it open for the day, or until sales reach a number that is all I feel I can handle.  I’ll get them all printed and packaged and shipped by tomorrow, and barring a blizzard somewhere, everyone should get theirs in time to give it as a x-mas gift, or simply hang onto it for themselves!

Thank you all so much for your birthday wishes.  Now that it’s over, I feel slightly freed!  It’s as though THAT had been some sort of deadline..  Another of Rasputin or Nostradamus’ predictions of the end.. that simply came and went without anything happening.  I woke up this morning..  everything seems to be in order.. I’m still here.  SO.  I guess I’ll carry on!

Please enjoy that photo.  And enjoy these last few days before the TRUE winter solstice..  On the 21st.  After that, the days start getting longer again (but don’t be fooled..  officially, that is just the BEGINNING of winter.  The cold part is yet to come!)

Sale page is here.  (click on the word “here” for those of you who are new to this, and you will be transported!)

Thank you all.

Continued Big Love.

31 Responses to “Floored”

  1. Maria

    A belated happy birthday Ezra! So wonderful you are still HERE!!! to celebrate it.

    Love xoML

  2. aRobin2

    We were all there with you last night Ezra!! Let the joy and the dance continue….and thank you for the beautiful lonely photo. We’re all grateful you’re here, bliss on!!! Tail wags and shutter clicks to you, Big LOVE back at ya!! XO

  3. Philip.YVR

    Happy Birthday +1
    Leftover cake day!

  4. Ann Breidenstein

    Thanks, Ezra! I just purchased your photo and I’m sooooooooo excited!!! xoxoxoxo

  5. Holly

    Saturday, the 21st is my birthday. I’ve bought this beautiful, lonely photo for myself as a 48th-birthday present. Thank you, Ezra! It’s just what I wanted!

  6. Andrea

    Thrilled to have this photo. At last! All the very best for the solstice, Christmas, the new year.

  7. Alan

    I’ve been in the air most of the last day so belated happy birthday. You have a different perspective on 40 than most other people!

  8. Penny

    I think we were probably all there with you last night! Happy Birthday and Much love.

  9. Justin W

    Great shot! Thanks for sharing your eye and perspective.

  10. antbee

    Glad to hear you had a great birthday celebration, Ezra! Happy you’re beating the odds!

  11. Andrew

    Thank you Ezra… love the lonely photo, keep taking pictures- you inspired me to pick up an old camera again too.

  12. Carrie

    Big, big love Ezra!!! Have been thinking of you and just wanted to send you a hug from TN.

  13. Maria

    Ezra- happy happy birthday. You are SUCh an inspiration and I have the best memories of you and you have forever carved a very special place in my life. your blog has been inspiring… as expected. much love Ezra.
    Maria ( from your dancing days!)

  14. trudi

    A lovely photo. I missed the sale–seems I don’t read your blog often enough! But if you decide you can do any post-holiday sales, I would like to buy one. There is a sentiment there–the loneliness you can feel even when surrounded by so many caring people–that is deeply moving and that I somehow understand. Happy Birthday and hooray for you!

  15. richard

    we’re all just footprints in snow. great shot.

  16. Robin

    Merry Christmas Ezra. Hope you and Hill have a wonderful day. I love my lonely photo. So deep and meaningful. I knew it was a must have. And I truly enjoyed how that shot came to be. Something that was “nothing” has the most beauty of all. The footprints tell the story. I’m looking at it right now..

    xo Robin

  17. amilcar Rivera

    E zra is to late to say happy birthday,but i hope you had a Happy birhtday,i see you very fine, merry Crishmas all you family,i sant a big hogns.co

  18. Chrissy

    Big love and Merry Christmas Ezra!

  19. India Nagy

    Happy Birthday!! What a lucky world to have you in it.

  20. marie

    Happy Birthday! From someone who is pulling for you 🙂 By the sounds of it you lead a more action packed life then myself! Carpe Diem!

  21. SlowPokePete

    Happy New Year Ezra and Hillary…


  22. Alicia

    Happy New Year to you, Hillary, Putney and everyone else you love. Today might mark the end of one year, but tomorrow a whole new one begins. Much love.

  23. Ann Breidenstein

    Love the photo, Ezra! Thanks so much and wishing you and your family and friends a very Happy New Year!

  24. Candice Flores

    Happy New Year Ezra, Hillary, Putney and all FOEs…Friends Of Ezra’s, of course!

  25. Deborah

    Happy Birthday. I am so glad you are still here. Sending you lovelovelove,

  26. Sandwick

    Happy New Year, Sir!

  27. Paul

    I hope you and Hill have a wonderful New Year’s Day and that 2014 will deliver as many good surprises to you all as the universe will allow.

  28. Joan Zimmermann

    Happy New Year, Ezra! I hope 2014 holds good eats and good photos, and anything else good that you can think of! The white-on-white print is beautiful; I am hunting around my house for a proper space in which to display it.

  29. Lori T.

    I miss your posts, Ezra. I’m thinking of you and yours in this New Year. Love, Love, Love.

  30. Catherine

    peace and love, happy birthday, merry solstice santa christmas, happy new year all rolled into one.

  31. Paul

    Love the new photos you put up.

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