Clear, Ya hear?

Doc called this morning with the results of yesterday’s petscan.  All is clear.  There is no metastasis. I’m not going to die just yet.  Which is good, because I’ve got shit to do!

If you’ll excuse me, I’m actually going to go do some of it..

More soon.

Thanks for all the good mojo.

Big love.

One Response to “Clear, Ya hear?”

  1. Diego


  2. R

    I’ve been reading for awhile and not commented before. How incredible that you got the all clear! WTG!

  3. Eoin

    Congratulations dude – hope/presume you’re celebrating…

  4. Kim

    HEY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Joshua

    Great news Ezra!!!

  6. Darla

    Fuck yeah!

  7. Andre

    Hooooray! So happy to read that!

  8. Mette

    That is great news. Congratulations!

  9. Lu

    Hellyeah – awesome news! :)

  10. Saartje

    You go you!!!!! super.

  11. Maven

    Also delurking to congratulate and wish you well.

  12. Anika

    I’ve been a silent reader for quite a while now, but this time, I just have to :)
    Hellz yeah dude! I’m happy for you :)

  13. Stuart

    Wonderful news Ez!! Waiting for those calls is hell on earth!

  14. km

    That’s good news. I’m glad for you, Ez. Wishing you well.

  15. Erik L.

    really great news. wishing you nothing but more days like this ahead.

  16. dina

    so very, very happy to hear this!!!!

  17. Robert B.

    Woohoo! This is awesome news, I am so glad to hear this, Ezra! I hope you have an awesome weekend :) Cheers from germany.

  18. Elizabeth

    Fantastic! Congrats.

  19. kris spikes - philadelphia, pa

    Yippie!!!!!! Fuck Cancer!

  20. Dave


  21. megan

    in the honorable enthusiastic words of Dave Chappelle: I’M RICH, BIATCH!
    way to go ezra! xo

  22. Barb

    So happy for you!!!

  23. Paul

    Huzzah! That’s what I’m talking about!

  24. Janene Harper

    what wonderful news…praying you have a speedy and FULL recovery…

  25. Becca

    sweet action…what amazing news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. carolyn

    i’m ecstatic! i hope this continues.

  27. Laura

    Another person delurking to say hooray! Here’s wishing you many many more all-clears in the years ahead. Thanks for such a brave and honest account of your battle – and for the bike and food porn too! :)

  28. Molly

    Wahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is great news.

  29. tearful dishwasher

    Fuckin’ eggs, bacon.

    Good on you!

  30. Liz

    great news! :D

    not to ruin a happy day but i just heard of this family and wanted to pass on the info…

    not sure if you’ve heard about it since it is from your neck of the woods but i thought you might be interested or helpful..or something?? …since you’re the only other person i know with colorectal cancer…i guess i immediately thought of connecting you to them…

  31. hannah

    i knew it! you can’t imagine how happy i am to read that. o o/ /o/

  32. Audrey K

    I’ve been following your blog and am quite an admirer of yours! Your zest for life…your ability to share yourself so openly. I think you are unbelievably brave. This is great news!

  33. minta

    yay!~ ,….letting my neighbors enjoy the sight if me dancing nekkid under the moon was all for a good cause =) ….congrats !~

  34. Jenny

    Yeeeeessssssssssssss! Wow, I’m so relieved for you, Ezra. Really happy!

  35. Matt

    Fantastic news, Ez! Have a wonderful day!

  36. Andrew

    Unbelievably great news! Toasting to you now! Cheers!

  37. Kelly


  38. Rosario

    Fantastic! Let me put on some music and do a little happy dance!

  39. lauren

    WE HEARD … SON! Love you!

  40. taunia

    so very happy to hear.

  41. Leah

    FUCK YES!!

    More good mojo coming from over here.

  42. Alicia

    Congratulations!!! You ARE teaching that fucker to cry!

  43. Paul P

    Doh! I mean, Woohoo!

  44. Anita

    Oh Yah!!!

  45. letincelle

    You’ll need to start a new blog. <3

  46. Vicki


  47. cam

    SO Pleased for you! Great news.

  48. Laura Clutterbuck

    MAGNIFICENT news Ezra!

    A timely boost indeed for todays race at the Health and Wellness Festival in Central Park.

    GOOD LUCK – Team Fast Boy – we’ll be with you in spirit every step of the way…

    BIG LOVE all ’round from the Youkay Clutterbucks.

  49. Kim

    Go Fast, Team Fast Boy, cheering from VT

  50. Sasha

    Yay!!!!!!!!! Just YAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Daniel


  52. Stephen

    Wonderful news; this is the least you deserve. Now go do shit.

  53. rodrigo chaparreiro

    hear loud and clear…
    fuck yeah!!
    wonderful news
    so happy for you

  54. Marian


  55. Ivanna Wei


  56. Ivanna Wei


  57. Rachel

    Yes. DO IT.

  58. holly

    Late to the party, but OMG YESSSSSS!!!!!

  59. Mochuelin

    The very best news from you, I’m so happy to read this!! the best present that I have had today!!

  60. Na-Rae

    Warms the cockles of my heart. Fabulous news, Ezra!

  61. Steph

    Fantastic news! You’re doing a great job at pushing on with the things you can. Finish line in sight.

  62. Kamala


    Kinda funny how this is the same date of my car accident 16 years ago…crazy. So glad to hear the good news!!

  63. hili

    that’s great new, so very happy for you ezra !

  64. Paul

    Terrific news. There is much rejoicing in Texas.

  65. Forth (aka velorutionary)

    How the bouncing screaming fuck did I miss this? Big grin. Big hug. Do do the shit you do because it’s awesome.

  66. Alvaro

    BIEN! so happy for you Ez!

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