Last night’s rehearsal

Tonight is another Burgundy Stain Sessions show at le poison rouge.  (HA!  just went to the site, and the top video is one that I made for Thomas about 10 years ago! The one below it is terrifying..  makes my little bro look like a coke head with a speech impediment!)

It’s going to be a great show.

Glen, Nora, Martha, Sara, Hannah, Jennifer, Justin..  all singing.  It’s in honor of Evans R’s b-day.  Get tickets if you still can.

I hung out last night and filmed a bit of the rehearsal.  It’s a little long, and maybe only engaging if you know the people..  But there are a few nice shots in it of some really talented musicians doing what they do!

Tomorrow is easter.  I will be cooking easter bunny (it’s a tradition).  My beautiful little brother, Sam, will be coming down from VT. to cook with me.

Then, monday morning, I go in for the very last round of chemo.  Hard to believe.  Can’t wait to see the back of it!!

Come to the show tonight.  Say hello.

Big love.

14 Responses to “Last night’s rehearsal”

  1. Carole

    Nearly done Ez, you’ve done so well 🙂

    Always in my thoughts xxxx

  2. Vicki

    This time of year is all about new life! How appropriate that you will be done with chemo and coming back to your former self. You are amazing! Here’s to spring, biking and a new hairdo!

  3. Daniel

    w00t on the last round

    and the bunny

  4. steffai

    love this! wish I was there with you guys.

  5. Jennie

    Have fun with the Easter bunny!! Please tell Sam I say hello 🙂 And…. Woo hoo on the whole last round bit!!! Go get it done, Ez.

  6. Jennie

    One more and… holy flashbacks on that top video… dang.

  7. Paula Pindroh

    Do you really cook ….rabbit… on Easter? Ha!
    Last round. Almost there! Good luck to ya, Ezra!

  8. Benj

    Happy Easter from Cali! xoxo

  9. megan

    wish we could all march there with you tomorrow and have a parade for you when you leave later! celebrate. xo

  10. Paul

    Happy Easter Ez. Last round!

  11. vanessa

    last round! amazing!

  12. Laurie

    It’s Monday night. I’m thinking about you, and if I weren’t already comfy in my bed with my iPad I’d have a drink in your honor. What a fucking relief, huh?

  13. Jodi

    Yay!! I hope your last round went well!!

  14. Jennifer

    Big love to you! xx

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