very nearly there

Monday was the beginning of my last round.  Very little to go now.  Today I’ll go in at 11 and have this god awful pump removed..  Then, on monday, I’ll go in for my off week top up of erbitux.  But then!  that’s all she wrote!

This last round is meeting expectation.  Absolutely the most painful yet.  Hard to believe!

It’s 8:30 in the morning and i’m falling asleep at the computer.  Perhaps I’ll head back to bed.

More in a moment.

16 Responses to “very nearly there”

  1. burnt umber

    “erbitux” Sound like a hemorrhoid creme for Urbex photographers.

    Almost there E.

  2. Friff

    Just wanted to say that I have been following your images on flickr for a while now – arrived there after searching for custom cycles – sometimes it has felt intrusive of me to do so as you go through what you’re going through but hope you don’t mind that I wanted to finally wish you well fella and hope you kick that diseases’ ass. Keep those stunning photos coming and those beautiful beautiful pieces of art that you build as I am hoping to get one shipped to the UK one day

  3. Tyler

    Murakami has a memoir about running in which he states, “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” You personify this attitude. Hang in there. I’m pretty excited to continue to lurk and await pictures of a Fastboy cargo bike.

  4. Christina

    I second Tyler’s sentiment. You are a warrior Ezra. Hang in there!

  5. Valancy Jane

    You got this, dude. Almost done!!

  6. kendall

    Yes! Go, go, go! Finish strong! Show ‘er who’s boss, you got this! The sunshine is going to come out soon and it’ll be like new beginnings all over… spring infusion!

  7. Paul

    How do you say ugh and huzzah in the same word. So glad it’s coming to a close, but so bummed it’s so tough. Stay stong (as you always do). Big mojo from Philly. p

  8. Cam

    You’re almost there! And other cliches including ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn’. You’re going to make it and if you can make it there you can make it…Sending mojo from Sydney.

  9. TruNorth

    As we sleep we rest, we dream, 
    we heal, we fly, we RAIL!!!
    we forgive, we win, we cry, we accept…
    We expose. We simply are….
    Those who have fought, who have thought,….Fuck…. Did Karma bring me here?
    Then we sleep more and the body rests, forgives… heals. 
    You are the power in yourself and your record of living is potent.
    Go.  Cook… Build bikes…hug your family, play with Putney. This is your life.

  10. Sara

    Hang in there Ezra! Last round! You can do it!!

  11. virginia

    Still glued to this crazy assed journey of yours. Blown away by your fortitude.
    My mom was diagnosed with stage four uterine this past Feb and she, too, is blowing me away. Your words, your photos, everything you’ve shared has been helping tremendously in our journey. Thank you for sharing Ezra! Sending some serious f’ing mojo from Brooklyn! Fuerza!

  12. April

    Don’t stop now!!! You’re amazing.

  13. Becca

    I am so happy you are almost done with the chemo drug hell. One day you will look back at this and it will be a very distant memory.
    **** GO Ezra GO!!! ****

  14. holly

    SOOOO excited for you, Ezra! You are my hero, seriously.

  15. rachel

    Mojo, Ezra. Mojo!

  16. Patrick Larson

    Hi Ezra. Glad to see you are finishing up! I made your sardine pasta the other night. We loved it! No pictures though. Fresh sardines, too! Take care.


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