All done. (a short poem, I think, is in order).

Cancer, I drop trou at thee!

For you have been a most unwelcome guest, lo these last 9 months..

NAY!  nearly three years, in fact!

Yet, I have cooked for you, and shared my bourbon.

My wife has cleaned up after you and your dirty underpants.

My freinds and family: REAL guests!

Guests who arrive with groceries, and rub my feet,

and pick up after themselves..  They have put up with your foul temper,

your abusive language, your shitty sense of humor, and your total lack of imagination.

So I say, “fuck you, AND your horse..  You are not welcome here.”

“high thee hence!!”

“get lost!”


I will not open the door when you ring the bell.

And I hope you get the same treatment anywhere else you try to stay.

I hope you die lonely.

(I pray I have made it clear to you that we are not friends. Lose my number.)


59 Responses to “All done. (a short poem, I think, is in order).”

  1. penelope


  2. al

    Well said.

  3. sara jane

    yes ! bravo.

  4. April

    Amen, brother! Congratulations. You are a mighty warrior. I mean it.

  5. Ali

    “AND your horse!”
    I am still snorting mango juice.


  6. Eric

    Adios cancer, you mo fo.
    Well done, E.

  7. keith wikle

    Poem definitely in order,
    Cancer, take a hike eh!

  8. Mette

    Amen. Congratulations. Well done!

  9. Eric


    All words are said, that’s it.

    May the force be with you, Ezra!

  10. William Gibson

    you are a bard of rare standing

  11. todd


  12. Valancy Jane

    Hee! Love it!!

  13. megan

    huzzah huzzah! and i’m throwing shoes at it. well said ezra!

  14. brian cullen

    congratulations my friend.

  15. Brandon Wilson

    Yes!!! I second that!

  16. Kim

    CA begone!

  17. Jodi

    Scram!!! YAY!!!

  18. Chauncey Matthews

    Congrats on the last round.
    Fuck cancer…you’re EZRA!

  19. Elizabeth

    Fuck cancer! Hooray!

  20. Paul

    Fuckin’ A Right!

  21. Ray and Suzanne

    Avaunt and quit my sight!

  22. Chelseagirl

    Hip hip! and congratulations on getting through. All the best for a long and happy life ahead.


  23. christo


  24. steve

    I am going to go pour myself a long tall glass of whiskey in your honor right now, my friend. You deserve it. May this be the beginning.

  25. Becca

    OMG I just spat on my keyboard. That is funny shizzle!
    Rock on you crazy cooker, bike maker, ass kicker and poet!

  26. Daniel

    hear, hear

  27. Paula Pindroh

    Go kick rocks, cancer! ;~)

  28. taunia

    hear, hear. and amen.

  29. Cory

    Hands up who likes cancer?

    I sure don’t see any hands up. Do you?

  30. Maria

    ya be gone wit ye foul intentions now, already, and for good. yeah!!!!

  31. WRReyes-Moye

    Congratulations and hail to thee, mighty warrior.

    Light and love from your silent fans,
    John & Winnie

  32. Alicia

    Fuck the fucker!!!!! You’re Ezra!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Roberto Cipriano

    Well said – yes, FUCK CANCER! I think you are the bravest person I have never met.

  34. Kim

    and love the toes :)

  35. Tyler


  36. Lu

    Goodbye cancer. We all never wan’t you to come back, okay?
    (And don’t even think about knocking at our doors!)

  37. Alex

    Cancer, Piss off bastard. Leave Ezra, my dad, and my f’n friends alone, once and for all.

  38. Paul

    Good for you Ezra! Bard of Assless.

  39. Callie

    More poetry, Ezra! Love it.

  40. Michael

    Been following your bikes, your journey, and your flickr for the good part of these last couple years, and I’m so happy that you’re finally through all of this.
    Back to bikes and food Ezra!

  41. kendall

    here, here!

  42. Laurie

    bugger off, cancer!! Love it!! Can I use it? I’ll credit you, of course. :)

  43. Leah

    so infinitely proud of you.

  44. Megan

    you kicked that ass cancer in the ass, yeah!

  45. holly

    Huzzah, sir! Well played!

  46. Gabe McGraw

    cheers to that! kick cancer in the short ribs!

  47. Paul P

    A little teary eyed at this. Well done sir. Miss you. We’ll be coming up for a visit soon enough.

  48. LeslieAnn

    Happiness is seeing cancer in your rearview mirror. May the road ahead be a long and smooth ride!

  49. Lauren

    just missing you guys and thinking of you!

  50. Emm

    and you helped me to make cancer to cry
    now every second is amazing
    life make sense

    Felicidades Ezra :)

  51. Mesa Mendoza

    Caner be gone!
    I love the poem :D

  52. Greg Holbert

    This poem is a great reminder to help people remember to keep fighting! Cancer won’t quit, so you shouldn’t either!

    Fight for those who have lost their fight, like my mother, Lei Ann Holbert who died of colon cancer in 2008… I will love you always, mom. I always will miss hearing you say you love me back, but I can still feel it when I think of you.

  53. Lisa Portelli

    Keep fighting the fight. Amen.

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