oh bugger.

On Monday my doc’s assistant gave me a call asking if I could come in.  My last batch of blood-work was a little irregular.  Two liver enzymes were high.  And a cancer marker was elevated.  A cancer marker that was never even elevated when I HAD cancer.  We’re not sure what to make of it.  We’ve re-done the blood work, and now it’s more of that particularly sickening brand of hurry-up-and-wait that we never quite get used to.  It could be that it was a bad test..  or some other sort of anomaly, but I’m having to mentally prepare for the possibility that there’s going to be a fair amount of poking and prodding for the next little while to try and get to the bottom of it.  Naturally it’s hard not to let your mind jump ahead.  I’m tired.  Not sure I’ve got the energy for this.

SO!  yesterday I went out to the shop and made the final push on a new prototype I’ve been working on.  I would like to present NOSE BIKE mk1!!!

Ever since I started making frames, it was my idea that I’d most like to build cargo bikes.  Things kept getting in the way, though.  Orders for single speed townies and rando bikes mostly!  NYC presents an interesting challenge when it comes to cargo bikes.  Theft is bad enough that most people aren’t willing to leave their bikes outside..  And most people don’t have garages!  let alone their very own front door.  I liked the idea of making something with decent cargo capacity that still rode well, and was small/light enough to be able to carry up to your fifth floor walk up! About a week ago I decided to assert myself a little and get this idea out of my head and on to the road.  It’s not a new idea.  Small front wheel.  Frame mounted rack.  Carrying cargo in the front allows you to keep the wheelbase pretty short since you’re not having to avoid your heels as they pedal.  The frame mounted rack all but completely gets rid of the handling problems usually associated with front loads.  The small front wheel gets that weight nice and low so that the bike isn’t top heavy and doesn’t want to fall over sideways quite so badly!

I rode it down to the bike shop last night, and the boys threw a bunch of bike locks on the front.  We calculated that it was between 65 and 75 lbs worth.  The bike got a little noodle-y with that much mass, but really rode just fine.  65 lbs is a LOT of groceries.

It handles much more intuitively than I could have hoped for.  It takes about 1 trip around the block to feel comfortable on it..  Though riding with no hands is a little tricky.

This one is just a prototype.  I think it will go through some subtle changes.  Going to build a few more this coming week. (place your orders at your earliest convenience..  everyone is going to need a nose bike!)

Today I’m exhausted.  It’s been a busy bunch of days in a row in the shop, and a fair bit of anxiety to keep down.  It’s rainy in NYC today, and I keep finding myself back in bed.

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  1. burnt umaber

    “The bike got a little noodle-y”

    The fact that you are riding at all is nothing short of a miracle. I bet that “noodle-y” just feels good.

    Hope the blood test was just some bugger in the lab who drop a bit of Big Mac into the test tube!

  2. April

    Great original design–especially the smaller front wheel part. You rock! I would really love to have a bike of yours (if it was more practical where I live). You make beautiful machines!

    And try not to let your brain do much worrying until you find out something solid. Hopefully it was just a fluke, the test results.

  3. sam moore

    i hope you get a good report!

    the bike design is brilliant. wel done.

  4. megan

    what happens when nose bike goes up against assless bike? SHOWDOWN! i love nose bike completely. i’m going to cheer for them both. but cross my fingers behind my back for nose bike.

    ezra. hang in there. damn doctors and their tests. and pokes and prodding. you’ve done a lot of good shop work in a short amount of time here. wow and yeahhhhhh! lovely stuff. xo

  5. todd

    frame-fixed is where it’s at. i’ve meant to ask how the gun-blue treatment holds up over time. is that a clear coat on top of gun blue?

    i know this is a family web site and all but FUCK FUCK FUCKITY FUCK on the scary bloodwork. you deserve a few lifetimes of rest. i admire that you hold to what’s true and important in the time you have, the now. i don’t mean that at all ominously: none of us have nows to waste in the grand scheme: you just help me remember.

  6. Laurie

    that is just SWEET!! Love your brain.

    Good vibes headed your way on that other stuff.

  7. Darla

    That’s a sweet looking ride! I may need one next spring…

    And tell your enzymes to chill out! 🙂

  8. ashley

    FUCK ALL the fucking bloodwork. Fuck it all.

    Cancer marker tests are far from perfect..

    That bike is straight up gorgeous. Keep it up!

  9. Jack Luke

    Crazy cool work! Wooden porteur boxes excite me.

  10. kendall

    wow! a few more this week? you running a sweatshop down there? she’s a beaut, ezra. XX

  11. Rebecca Knill

    Sending peace, prayers, good wishes and good karma your way, Ezra.

  12. lori walker

    love the nose bike!! super solid. jason has been obsessing about cargo bikes, and i may have to nudge him your way.
    ugh. shaking my fists and sending big love to you on those numbers and upcoming tests…

  13. stephen coomber

    yo ! nice , very nice working bike ! good to see you still pushing it…… hopeing the rest go well. thinking good thoughts always. s

  14. Forth (aka velorutionary)

    Argh to the sketchy test results. Deep breath and wait for the doc to say “I have no idea what that was but you’re fine. Get out of my office.” I love love LOVE that bike. I badly want a grocery hauler and have been eyeing bakfiets speculatively. That thing is seriously the biz. With an old SA hub so I have a crawler gear for lugging a load up hills I’d be set (although there were rumblings of a new SA 3 speed fixed hub a while ago…I don’t know what came of that). Keep doing what you do.

  15. William Gibson

    hey, love how the cargo bike looks, seems like you have nailed it to meet the special requirements of NYC. I hope the sales just meet your production capability. be well.

  16. Maria

    Love love love DAT BIKE!! I want a FB roadie and one of these please. That other stuff, GO AWAY!!!!!! Doing lovely work, as usual Ez- Im inspired.

  17. Cyclin' Missy

    Hoping it was a bad test or some other wonky thing going on other than more cancer. F that.

  18. Silvino

    First at all do you have plenty of energy to endure anything the live will have for you my friend, thats a fact. You have made it before and you will make it again. And second wow, such a beautiful piece of art is that bike, I want to see the final outcome.

  19. lucy

    beautiful lines, if the pizza man showed up to my door with my pizza on that bike I would give him an extra large tip… imagine if there were pizza AND beer in it… amazing.

  20. Valancy Jane

    I do think I need one.

  21. Heidi

    I have absolutely no need for a cargo bike, but this is brilliant! I may have to create a need. I’ve never seen anything like it. Please patent this! And hang in there on the re-tests. I wish I were a fraction as productive as you appear to be when trying to keep down anxiety!

  22. Lynne

    This is an awesome bike. Seriously. Every kid who rides to school needs one of these since their smaller bikes can’t accommodate panniers like adult sized bikes can. Even some of us smaller adults can’t use the rear-mounted luggage systems. Seriously good idea, this is.

  23. tim

    as i’ve read your words and admired your photography and bicycles over the last few months, you’ve given me more energy, peace and hope than i can relay. i’m now sending it back.

  24. nicole

    hurry up wait, yes, I hold my thumbs that all is well, and it s just a little bump in the road/blood

    The bike is gorgeous Ezra, such beautiful proportions. love the thick tires.

  25. Stephanie

    FUCKITY FUCK indeed. sending you best luck vibes for the tests. and congrats on the gorgeous bike! Form and function meet.

  26. todd

    ez, the bike is beautiful! <3

  27. emmyoz

    I need a nose bike. Maybe we should name one after our dear VT governor?

  28. kris

    Pleeease don’t keep us hanging too long!

  29. ashley

    okay I just googled gov. shumlin and that’s funny:)
    the shumlin!
    I have no idea if he’s a good governor or not but he’s a life-long resident of Putney and that’s good enough for me:)

  30. holly

    I love this bike. I want to ride it from little French village to little French village, filling the box up with wine as I go.

  31. Catherine

    gorgeous! love the cargo bike.

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