To say

That my touring bike came back from the painter a few days ago, and I managed to get it built up.  I built the frame back in the winter time during a round of chemo that was cut short because of low blood counts.  One day less of the poison made me feel enough better that I was able to get out to the shop for a few days.

The project stalled in that state though until July, after I had finished treatment AND finished the shop renovation.  It feels pretty nice.  The first bike I’ve had with gears in over 15 years!

Adam Leddin from was nice enough to interview me for his site.  It went up this morning.  Thanks Adam!  Go take a look.

I had another round of blood work last week.  We should have some results on Monday.  Hoping that this pesky CEA marker has just resolved itself and we get to marvel at the mysterious nature of the body!  I will post the results here when I have them.

Thanks for staying tuned.

13 Responses to “To say”

  1. nicole

    beautiful article. your work looks so ‘tasty’ ?! xxx

  2. Cory

    Hooray for beautiful bikes!

    Hope the blood work comes back well, I’m itching for some handball.

  3. Forth (aka velorutionary)

    Wow.This it precisely the sort of thing I want to tour the northern coast of the Mediterranean from Spain to Lebanon while eating everything I find. Lemme get back to you when I have a few tens of thousands of dollars going spare…

  4. carolyn


    here is a young man who had stage 3 colon cancer 8 years ago. he keeps a very informative blog. i hope you will give him a look

  5. ashley

    Is it wrong to say it’s cute? It’s just so cheerful. I want to pinch that bike’s cheeks.

    I totally remember that photo from when you were measuring the frame. Unreal what you can do with a little bit of metal and paint and wood. That bike’s got… personality:) Rugged individualism. Everyone wants to be that bike’s friend. *Sigh* I’m not saying it right. Ammaaaaazzinng work:)

  6. Jenny

    Nice interview! I didn’t know you lived in the North of England for a while (then again, I guess why would I?) Whereabouts? That’s where I’m from.

    What are the handle bars on your touring bike (nice job btw)? I still haven’t found the right ones…

  7. tom

    hey man – great to see you’re back on the bikes! i’ve not been on the site for ages so am going to go back and read what you’ve been up to – congrats anyhoo

  8. hibiki

    beautiful work, Ez. I will be sending good thoughts your way about tomorrow.

  9. Mochuelin

    It’s a fantastic feeling seeing you with your bikes (that is your natural way!), Thank you for be so strong, we’ll be tuned forever. Thinking about you all time! hugs

  10. Laurie

    Great interview! Makes me wish I had time to ride and an East Coast highway to do it on.

  11. ruben

    Yes, I looked forward to the interview. Fascinating story – most of which is known to me. Erza, I did not know you had just a 8 days training in bike building. Only 8 days… Hm, pretty amazing, you Mister Universalis. Keep up the good work, keep u fighting!


  12. Meetzorp

    Darn good looking bike, sir! The potential showed in bare metal, but that classic paint job, the full build-up, the racks…That there’s a bike that means business, in style!

    Best wishes for good test results. I hope you can get some resolution to these lingering problems.

  13. holly

    You look great. Expecting you to rise above those stupid numbers and populate the world with your beautiful creations.

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