with hairs

The last batch of blood work shows the CEA level dropping..  if only marginally.  My doc is suitably soothed, and doesn’t feel that we need to even look at the blood again for a month.  *sigh*

It’s amazing that our sense of well being can hang on the slight changes of a number that we don’t even understand.  ha.  Just keep rowing!

For your amusement and amazement..   Danny Hart. I apologize for the advertisement in the video, but the commentary is too priceless not to share!

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  1. Eric

    Although with significantly less understanding than your doctor, I, too, am soothed by your report and your photo. Will hoist one to a marginally dropping CEA, a hairier you and to the insane Danny Hart. Party on.

  2. kendall

    I love you with hair. Glad for the news, and that commentary is fantastic!

  3. evan

    “whhhatt the hell” hahaha. the US needs commentators like this.

    glad your numbers are getting a little better!

  4. Matt

    Very happy to hear the levels are down, Ez.

    Danny Hart… woah, nuts. And the commentary, practically a sport of its own!

  5. Laurie

    just good. good all around. hairy good.

  6. Burnt Umber

    Insane skills.

    Glad you had good news even if it was not phenomenal.

  7. Tyler

    Great news! Glad to hear you’re well. Love the commentary in that video!

  8. ashley

    Me too. I’m totally soothed:) Aces.

  9. Kelly

    Very good news!

    I was in tears at the end of that video. “How does Danny sit down with balls that big” bwahaha!

  10. Alicia

    Nice hair, Mister!

  11. Toby

    “Oh God Danny, stay on your bike!”

    Thanks for the link. I would watch TV if there were more commentary like this.

  12. megan

    YAH-UH! on everything. xo

  13. Jenny


    Funny, very funny.

    Really good to hear the CEA marker is down. Your Mum knew what she was talking about 🙂 And the hair’s looking good.

  14. kris

    Ezra! You look fantastic!

  15. JenniferAlsoKnownAsEsmereldaButOnlySometimes

    That video was laughs! Keep hanging in there…glad the news was positive. Enjoy your weekend!
    -xoxo’s from Indiana

  16. Cyclin' Missy

    I hope the CEA keeps dropping! As for the video…the commentators were hilarious and awesome! And Danny is a wild man. I love it.

  17. Lu

    Ezra, i am so glad to hear you’re well. And the video is in_sane!
    Thanks for sharing hair and vid 😉
    Greetings from germany!

  18. Daniel from Chicago

    I want those announcers cheering me on during my daily routine.

    “Oh my god! Danny is twisting the toothbrush around the bicuspids and thoroughly cleaning out the competition! This is the most incredible toothbrushing I’ve ever seen!!!”

  19. April

    Good news, Ezra. Hope it gives you some peace of mind.
    Great video!!! Fantastic ride and hilarious commentary!

  20. Kamala

    Indeed. Sometimes I think Dr’s ad dramatic pauses just to mess with us. And keep stethoscopes in the freezer.

  21. emmyoz

    Rad portrait–Looking strikingly handsome and healthy.

  22. Caroline

    I love that Danny Hart video! The second time I watched it I got the shivers and started crying. Then, when I sent it to my mother telling her how impressive it was to me, she turned around and bought me a full-face MTB helmet for my birthday. Ha – the next Danny Hart, right here.

  23. Isis

    Dear Ezra,
    I think you are amazing. We have a mutual friend and she is how i’ve come to know of your existence.
    Know that i think of you and your fantastic art inspires me.
    I wish that i could one day ride on one of your beautiful bicycles.
    Wishing you a crisp and bright autumn.
    all the best.

  24. Emma

    glad to hear the good news!!

  25. WRReyes-Moye

    More hair, lower numbers, amazing Danny Hart. Happiness! Fish tacos for everyone! 🙂

  26. Silvino González

    Is really great to see how every day you keep winning my friend, a hug for you and your loved ones. By the way your new bikes are so amazing.

  27. Maria

    Dang!! finally had the courage to watch that downhill stuff. Phew is all I can say- and same to you Ex– Phew — great to hear numbers are good- whatever it takes to have good news to celebrate another healthy day!

  28. Catherine

    “DANNY STAY ON YOUR BIKE”! I think that’s good advice for all of us. Just keep peddlin’.

    Great to hear good news. 🙂

  29. Philip

    Hi Ezra I’ve been reading your blog for quite awhile. I made your sweaty fish recipe while bike touring down the west coast It’s an especially good recipe to make with camp stoves and pots. Thanks for your inspiration.
    Cheers Philip

  30. David Star

    Danny Hart deserves all the kudos for riding as he did on that video but you inspire all us.
    You don’t know me, I’m just a big fan that found out about your bikes via Google images as I was looking for bikes a few months ago.
    I’ve shared your website a few weeks ago with Abq, Nm cycling community and The Guardian’s (UK) bike blog that I read every morning over coffee .
    Like I said on an email I sent some time ago that you might consider having an Art Show at a gallery with your bikes and photographs I would think that would be a huge hit….especially in NYC. Just a thought
    Keep hanging in there.

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