Slow and steady.

Felt more or less ok.
Except that at around mile 3 an upset stomach that I’ve had for the last couple of days let loose into my bag.  I lost about two pounds, but had to carry it around for the rest of the run!

Gross.  Sorry.  I know.

7 Responses to “Today’s”

  1. ashley

    So Ezra wakes up and says, “So. What to do today… what to do. Well, I have an upset stomach and shit bag… long outdoor run it is.” How is it possible that I am only just now seeing the depth of your hardcoreness? I didn’t think it was possible to like you more, but there you go. This is fun. What else ya got?

  2. Cheers

    That’s the way up, friend.

  3. David R Munson

    Now you’ve done it. Now I’ve got to go run.

  4. Steph

    You are doing awesome. Hope the joint pain is less. Blockage being another terrific perk of ostomies, it’s good to know that the running helped move things through.

  5. katie

    I know I’m struggling for a silver lining here, but doesn’t having a shitbag actually make it *easier* on a run when you have an upset stomach? i mean, its better than having it run down your legs mid-jog!

  6. Laurie

    yeah, now the rest of us have no excuse not to go buy new shoes and get off our asses. you suck.

  7. brigita

    I remember the discomfiting pull of gravity on a pendulously heavy bag, which is to say you, sir, are The Shit. #punintended

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