Just me

I’m all by my onesy at  the moment.

Em is in Maine.

My Sam is elsewhere in Maine.

Hillary is in Ithaca, isolated in her adviser’s house finishing up her second year paper, while she (the adviser) is away.

Without a family around to cook for, evenings take on a pretty different quality.  Usually I drag out cooking as long as I can get away with, because it’s a great time to hang out.  And waiting makes good sauce. I tend to get things done a little faster when I’m alone.  I enjoy cooking for myself, but it IS a bit of an anticlimax.  By 7:30 or so, I’ve eaten, taken Putney for a walk, fed her, and am ready for bed.  But it’s still light out.

5 Responses to “Just me”

  1. Valancy Jane

    FINE. I’m coming over. To eat your food. Because I care. 🙂

  2. Marian

    You just say the word, I’ll give you another mouth to feed 😉

  3. Tom

    Funny isn’t it? Every week my other half goes off with work for 3-4 days and I pine the first day, enjoy the freedom the second and am in disarray the third and fourth. I also revert to lazy cooking and a lack of inspiration. If I am lucky I will have meals in the freezer I have portioned up when I’ve made too much for the two of us.
    Tonight is not one of those nights.

  4. brad

    Perfect opportunity for another awesome cooking video, no?

  5. Maria

    the light cast on the table by the glass of beer says it all.

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