a little cranky today

Not much to report, I’m afraid.  I’m in a bored out of my mind hurry up and wait holding pattern.  The pain from the biopsies has been surprising.  I’ve got the appropriate meds for taking care of it, but they leave me feeling blissed out in a really unproductive, unmotivated way.  And constipated.

No word yet from the docs on surgery schedule.


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  1. Feel like some company? Everett and I can take a ride up and visit if you’re up for it. Email me directly if you think you are.

  2. damb Ez. those side effex like adding insult to injury- I spec that’s the last thing you need right now. Wishing I cld help dull the pain from here. It does suck. Thinkin of ya. xo

  3. Sounds like hydrocodone or similar meds. I hate those things. Do little for the pain and make me a space cadet.

    Trt to stay positive even though the apparent outlook is far from optimal.

  4. Be patient, you have a lot of people on this planet thinking of you, it’s really hard for everyone, nor do I imagine how it is for you, but you are fastboy!!! I wish you all the best and ask (everytime) my universe to bring you the best results for this fight, courage!

  5. I’ve been reading your photo blog for 3 or 4 years and then your cancer blog and have seen you live your life and the ups and the downs and have never reached out to make even one comment thinking “this guy has so many friends what is one more comment.” But I figured, fuck it…

    …this sucks. And I just have to say it.

  6. “a little cranky” huh? as ya may be. ya think? me and my crew here in boston’re doin’ all sortsa pujas for ya, man. and yer wife as well.

    yer gonna beat this ezra. with scars. but yer goin’ to.

    the assless bike is where? for real. where is it?

  7. Thank you all. It really helps that you’re all tuned in.
    Justin!! I’m afraid the black maple hill is Looong gone. What a beautiful thing! (I had some lesser bourbon in the same cocktail, however!)
    Bob- The assless is actually down in Richmond Va. in some gallery.. It should be on its way back to me before long here..

  8. afraid i’m with sasha here. you have definitely impressed me as one of the best. thinkin’ of you lots and sending you the best vibes possible. sincerely…thank you for being who you are.

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