All wrapped up!




What a crazy weekend!

Saturday morning I woke up sometime before 6 so that I could print a few more pictures, and add a bit of text to the display to make for fewer questions.  Todd and I packed ourselves into the car with the various extra bits and pieces that we had decided to add to the display and got out to the venue at a fashionable 9:30.  There were already people milling around, but it wasn’t overwhelming.   The day went beautifully.  I met TONS of people who have been following the blog all these years.  What an amazing thing!  Thank you all for stopping by to say something.  To actually meet face to face with someone who has been following along this whole time is a strange feeling.  Someone who knows SO much about me, who I know NOTHING of.  I’m sorry if I seemed awkward!  I was delighted, but felt a bit like a deer in the headlights.   I hope you all understand!

The show itself was really a wonderful thing. A big room full of really talented bike builders. It seems as though the number of people building in the NYC area has really swelled in the last couple of years. But MAN, is there ever some talent! It was very inspiring. Made me kind of want to jump back in and make some bikes.. (steady now, Ezra..).  Big congrats to Brian Chapman for his best in show Rando bike.  What a beautiful machine!

We packed up the show at around 3:30 and headed back to harlem for a little rest and food, then turned around and went back out to brooklyn for the after party at this amazing pump track in a temporarily vacant lot, where after a fair amount of confusion about wires and projectors everyone got to see the premiere of a movie that MySam made especially for that occasion!

Sam shot lots of footage while I was building the UTA. He didn’t have a SPECIFIC film in mind, but wanted the footage for an eventual film. When the bike show cropped up, it seemed like a good opportunity.. a good deadline to do something. And the story of the three bikes that I showed at the show, and the strange way that they’re connected seemed like the right story to tell.. Sam did a few interviews with me, AND we went out into the woods with St. Georges’ help (sherpa, water carrier, local trail expert, and good buddy rider), to get some riding footage. Our good pal Samamidon gave us the music.  And Keith from Made By Hand gave us some footage of me riding the assless, which we didn’t have time to run out and shoot ourselves.  Everything was really down to the wire…  I was working on the displays, and getting the bikes ready (with LOTS of last minute help from Todd miller without whom the show would not have happened for me).  And SAM was chained to his desk trying to put together the strange puzzle pieces in a way that actually meant something.  In the end he made a really beautiful little film.

It was late at night (Ha! 9:30, I think).. I was exhausted from the weekend..  There were people riding tall bikes on a BMX pump track..   It was mayhem!  Beautiful Bike Mayhem.  Finally technical difficulties were sorted out and I was handed a set of headphones to use as a microphone (?) and sent up on top of a picnic table to introduce the film.   It was very moving for me.  A sea of bike people..  tattooed and bearded, buttoned down, young and excited..   all sorts.  But all looking right at me.  I could barely get out an intelligible sentence..  I apologize to all of you there for not being more eloquent.  I was not prepared.  I was exhausted and emotionally spent.  I had been talking all weekend.  The support that I felt from that sea of bike people was amazing, though.  Thank you all, if you’re reading this.  It meant the world to me.

People where rapt by Sam’s film.  I’m so pleased with it..  Sam did such a nice job (in such a very short period of time..)  Thank you MySam!   I hope you know that this film means the world to me!



Both the assless and the UTA are up for auction NOW.   The auction pages are at  The auctions CLOSE on wednesday at 2pm eastern time.  ALL proceeds for both auctions go to the Visiting Nurse Service of New York Home Hospice Program.   They are a NON-PROFIT organization that provides in home palliative care for people at the end of life.  There is a lot of misunderstanding about what that can mean, however, and I hope that I serve as an example of just how positive and proactive an experience it can be.  Because of their expert care, I feel the best I’ve felt in 5 years!!!  Hard to imagine that I’m dying, except that I can plainly SEE the changes that the disease is making to my body and can see that it is progressing.  VNS survives on donations.  The insurance companies only partially compensate them for the services that they render.  For the rest, they fund raise.  It is very important to me that the organization continue to be able to do what it does.    I would be very proud indeed if I managed to raise them a good chunk of money through these two auctions.  SO please spread the word.  Bid to win!

Thank you so much to all of the people that I met over the weekend.  Thank you for coming out to the show.  It was my first bike show!!  Hard to imagine.  I just never really got around to doing one..  Strange that it should finally happen when I’m retired!!  (we’ll see about that retirement..)  Thank you so much to my family for all your help schlepping stuff back and forth for the show, and putting up with my single minded focus for the last week.  Happily, the show is done now, and things can settle back into the more mild form of mania that we’ve come to know in the last few months.  Your support is everything to me.


FB out.


OH!  and yes.  There are still a few jerseys and I will set up a sale page for them shortly!  Watch the blog and faceplace and etc..

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  1. Congratulations! I love the exhibit frames – sweet, clever, and not -too- polished. And lots of bike geeks around! Wish I could have come down to meet you but just came back from 3 months traveling by car and could not get down to Brooklyn. I opened the prints as soon as I walked in the door and they’re lovely – thank you!

  2. So great! Love the whole thing. That last visual with that last lyric. Devastatingly perfect. Hope the auction brings in a TON for the hospice nurses!!

  3. Hi Ezra, it was really nice to briefly speak to you on Friday. Spend no more than a couple of minutes and an iphone pic that was well worth the trip from work. Really cool bikes at the show that sparked an interest in me too finally get one. hope to see you again.

  4. It’s all good bro! The bike show was the perfect excuse to either “put up or shut up” and get up to NY meet you and hang out a bit. Even I waa overwhelmed by it all and I was just a bystander. To see a community like the Brooklyn bike club come together to homor a fellow biker and one of their own was inspiring and beautiful. Love you dude, i’m so happy I was able to get up. 🙂

  5. I am curious: what does this cancer you can SEE actually look like? You’ve been so candid, sharing photos of your journey through surgeries and chemo up to this point. I am naturally wondering if there will be a picture to help explain what your all-caps SEE means.

    Glad to know you’re embroiled in funktionslust. Feels great, huh?

  6. Again, my deep and heartfelt thanks for continuing to share your incredible story. The movie gave us all yet another glimpse into who you are and what you are going through. Much Peace & Love, G-

  7. Ezra! we just LOVED the show and seeing you & Hillary. your work is totally beautiful and inspiring. the display was gorgeous. it was amazing for us see your bikes in real life. Im sorry we didnt get to hug you goodbye as Doug had a sailing gig in the city and you were judging the best in show. but please let us know if you would like to go sailing with us in the city sometime! with much love xox caitlin

  8. You are one beautiful and crazy and awesome person, you know that? That is a beautiful movie and I didn’t have to understand every word of it to know that.

    Glad to hear the show went well.

  9. Ezra- I discovered your blog about two months ago, and I am hooked. You are a wonderful writer and such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your story and poetry

  10. Hey MySam™ – That moment in the beginning when you SEE Ezra smile just as you HEAR him say “Hillary” for the first time is a really lovely bit of editing:) The digital exam demonstration (thanks for that, very helpful) and the goofiness in the shop… and then out into a totally different Bigger World – taller trees, longer sight lines, wider horizons… bouncing along a bumpy path to Sam’s lyrics. The end caught my throat. The whole thing was really lovely.

    Somehow I never put together that the Hard Ass was the bridge to mountain biking. It all totally makes sense now! ha ha
    It looks like such an amazing weekend, E. You worry too much about letting people down:) Thanks so much for the constant updates. We felt like we were there…

  11. Eli just said, “I really like the end. He’s totally in his element and there’s beauty everywhere.”
    Um. Yup.
    He said it right.
    We love you guys:)

  12. great film! it’s like when i watch one of those climbing films–the climbers are amazing, then i think about the guy filming! way to go! great great film!! ride as much as ya can, fast!

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