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from the department of great ideas that other people have already had!

Tyler Benedict from bike rumor was kind enough to feature a little piece on the nose bike yesterday.  I made the mistake just now of reading a few of the comments (something I don’t normally do), and found out that Civia is making one too!!!  It’s like I showed up late to a party wearing the same dress as 5 other guys who were already there!  In this case a dress that Schwinn designed in the 40s, probably itself a ripoff of something that old Ignaz had seen as a kid back in Hardheim.

The whole thing is making me realize that it may serve me well to pay attention to what other builders are doing.  I have always avoided it.  I’m not entirely sure why.  Foolish pride, I guess.  It turns out that there are TONS of builders out there making really beautiful work.  (duh).

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  1. Even if you did show up to the party late wearing the same dress, it’s still you wearing it!

    I’ve seen quite a few cycle-truck designs (I work at a shop that specializes in cargo bikes and city bikes), and hands down, I like yours the best. The raw look of the frame, the construction of the box, trussed double top tube, tires, geometry, etc. And the orange headset!

    Yours certainly has more character, and I’d say keep doing what you’re doing, because it looks great! It’s like the invention of photography: you can’t really point a finger at the exact person who got there first, because everyone arrived at it from different places. It’s what those people did with photography that set them apart.

    This bike looks great Ezra! If you ever offer the Broke Bike Mechanic Nose Bike Giveaway Program, I’ll be first in line 🙂

  2. Of course Civia is making one. The difference is you can hold your two hands up and say “these made that bike”

  3. What my Father in Law always tells me, if 100 people are selling a product the 101st person will succeed with it too!! Plus you always have your own little twist on your bikes and for sure a lot people like other companies nose bikes but they wish some detail would be different and that’s where u come in and have that little detail..

    You are doing a great job!!

  4. At least the discovery has been good just for stopping (foolish) pride and for making sensitive for what’s happening outside.

    It’s got nothing to do with the work itself – in my opinion.

  5. There are dozens of companies out there making regular bikes and no one bitches about plagiarism in that situation. Just sayin’…

  6. Take it from me, yours are some of the nicer trucks out there, and no-one can match a custom crate and fenders to the frame either. Once you get one of your frames to the painters and back, it will be the nicest.

  7. Saddly, there is very little that is ever truly new. Instead, technical and functional innovation usually comes about through small increments. Cargo bikes have been around in various styles and configurations since the 1880’s almost as long as bicycles. Northern European cities are full of old and new cargo or utility bikes in daily use. That something has been done before is not a reason to not try and improve or adapt it. Look at the variety and quality of hamburgers that are available from the MikeyD gray gristle burger to the fru-fru Kobe beef burger available in spendy restaurants, one size obviously does not fit all.

    Small independent bicycle makers are selling a level of refinement, personalization and quality that is not available commercially, they cater to individual and discerning tastes. The market is small, but it does exist, and if you believe you have something to contribute or just a drive to build, do it. Having said that, walking around with blinders on is not the best way to learn, grow and improve your product. Again improvement is generally incremental and built on the backs of others, which means knowing what others are doing. Google cargo bike and you will be both amazed and depressed by what you find.

    Did you follow this years Oregon Manifest? The variety of cargo or urban utility bikes was astounding and ranged from the tasteless and ugly to the sublime.

  8. this happens to me in an entirely different forum – home decor and “brilliant ideas”. I’m constantly seeing photos and blog posts and things in stores like Pottery Barn that I thought of ages ago. It’s annoying (who wants to look like they’re copying other people?) but it’s also validation that what I am thinking or doing is also considered to be awesome by someone else. Nothing new under the sun, they say.

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