been making a few fenders

I shot a quick little process video this morning about fender production. The fenders have been piling up in the shop over the last few weeks, so I decided to do the final push to get a batch finished up.  It was a lengthier process than it will be in the future because I took the time to make special jigs and tools for just about every step.  I’m particularly happy with my little radius sanding fixture!

Part of the point of spreading out into two separate spaces earlier this summer was to be able to have fender production be something that’s always happening in the background.  A few hours here and there until I’ve got enough of them to sell.  The only way not to go absolutely crazy with this sort of production work is to have each step pretty well dialed in and to be able to do those steps in pretty big batches.  This particular batch is just about finished.  20 sets of full coverage fenders.  I’ll be oiling them up over the next couple of days, and putting them up for sale on the website early in the week.  You heard it here first, and you’re getting a little advanced warning!  Last time I did batch of fenders and sent an email out to my mailing list about it, they were gone in an hour and a half!!

In other news, that creepy CEA number has been back down to normal for two blood tests in a row!  Weeee!

ok.  Back to work.

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  1. Great vid!! You have such an amazing baggage of creativity and energy there, it’s no w onder the numbers go down on you. Nothing can beat you!!!!!

    Great news, Ezra!

  2. kick ass!!!!

    the CEA number. the fenders. all of it. and thanks for the update:) So good to see you working away…

  3. My fenders and racks are the two things that get the most attention on my bike, they’re really beautiful.

    I was hoping for some sweet lamination footage, maybe next vid?

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