best monday morning ever

Hi.  Yesterday they capped the epidural in the morning.  They didn’t seem to have all that concrete an alternate plan in place.  There were oral and iv narcotics slated, but since I had only been cleared for a clear liquid diet so far, they weren’t sure about giving me the oral version.. and something about the iv..  Upshot was that by about noon I was feeling EVERYTHING that has been done to me in the last week, and oh my!  Spent most of the day just getting the pain under control.  Pulling the epidural, however, is a very important step to getting me out of here!  Not just because I can’t take it with me, but also because they don’t want to remove the catheter until the epidural is out, and the bowel doesn’t function at it’s fullest with epidural drugs.

SO!!  TODAY!!  I get my drainage tube out (in fact it happened just moments ago..  A resident removed it like she was starting a lawnmower), I get the catheter out, I’m cleared for ALL foods (in small quantities)..  does bourbon count under “all foods”?

“Coffee?” I asked?  “with cream?”

“sure,” she said, “you could have had that already, though..  I mean I know it’s not a clear liquid, but..”

“Ohhh…  you tell me NOW.”

Oh well.

So by the end of the day, I’ll be nearly tube free (I’ll still have an IV), I’ll have eaten food (for the first time in a full week!), I’ll have drunk good coffee, I’ll have peed like a big boy, and I’ll be just about ready to get out of here.  If there are no hitches, they should discharge me tomorrow.  I guess that’s when the real fun begins.

The week has left me feeling pretty weak.  Getting back into the swing of life is going to take a minute.  They’re saying a couple of months before I can lift anything heavy (is a dutch oven heavy?  how about my dog?), or ride a bike.  We’ll see.  I’m trying not to be overambitious.  Planning to go home and get comfortable.  Hopefully be able to contribute around the place, cooking etc.. but not trying to work for a while.  I’ll try to just spend a few weeks being pretty quiet.  Like I said..  we’ll see.


Catheter is out!  I’m freee!

UPDATE 2!!! Hill has arrived and I’m drinking coffee.  My day nurse is a little puritanical about the pain meds, and held out on me for a while.  All good now, though..  Coffee and percocet.  A winning combo.  Hill is here.  She’s going to get dry (rode here through the rain to bring me coffee..  I don’t have much in this life to complain about when it really comes down to it), and get settled in to do some school work.  I’m going to watch a movie and sip coffee.  More as the day progresses.

Update 3!!  Walked 4 miles today!  Most boring walking you ever saw.  Relearning how to pee.  Weird.  Some muscles have been removed that used to get in on the act.  I continue to be pretty comfortable as long as I get my percocet on time.  Looks like there’s a slim chance that this is my last night here..  It’ll depend a little on whether or not my new ass manages to produce anything besides gas in the next bunch of hours.  They really wanna see some poop before I go!

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  1. “Getting back into the swing of life is going to take a minute.” You make Lance Armstrong look like a really wimp! You are one amazing human for sure.

    I remember getting my drainage tube pulled. It was an experience, but the stent in my penis was an entirely different story.

    Just think of it this way, any bike you now ride is truly an assless bike!

    I wish you, Hill, and Putney the best.

  2. wow! homeward bound! what a great day yes. get home, get comfortablem, drink coffee and let everything start healing up good. happy for you & hill. let putney do the heavy lifting for a bit….

  3. Such good news! This makes for a happy Monday for you and all of your supporters. And Putney will be very happy to see you walk through the door to home!

  4. Good News all around. I know you looking forward to getting out. Right, Left, Right, Left, or Left, Right, Left, Right, depending on which is the stronger side. One step at a time. Home should do the body good. Hey, Ho for the cup of Joe.
    Enjoy and many mending thoughts.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful news! Go home and luxuriate in being there! I remember that feeling when I came out of hospital after “big” surgery (it was kinda puny compared to your’s) and just sitting on the sofa for who knows how long with a big smile on my face!

  6. Hooray Ezra!

    ALL foods? Nice. I made a vat of vegetarian black bean chili last night. Want me to send some up?

    Looking forward to seeing you back home.


  7. Great news Ezra! But please do take it easy with the lifting, my father-in-law went through the same thing 13 (?) years ago, it’s important not to stress those ab muscles. Here’s to great coffee and home!

  8. You’re incredible. I’ve been out of your blog-loop for a while now, and just came back and saw all this shit happening to you, all this shit that I couldn’t even imagine handling with the determination and courage that you’re handling it with. I wish you all the best in your recovery.

    Did the resident make a put, put sound when pulled the starter cord?
    Did you make the put, put sound? lol 😉
    Glad to hear you’ll be out soon.

  10. Holy, holy… what a month! I just heard the news from cuz Jen yesterday. We are watching the rain and colors change at Craig’s pad in NH and thinking of you and Hill. In reading the missives from the last few weeks all the posts are right on. You have the courage and spirit to prevail again – and you will! We will be rooting from you from CO! Lots of love!

  11. Well! is wonderful! They are really great news, I am very happy to read this and I’m jumping thinking of you around the desktop, really!, But … CAUTION!, I ask, no, rather, I demand that you go slowly (how crazy is that about an oven?), You must only concern of being comfortable, relax, be happy and RECOVERING with Hill, and of course, Putney, in your house. Many many many hugs, you are a super faster boy!! and you’re very brave

  12. So glad you are going home soon and will have access to people food. Hospitals are no place to get well.
    That said, please, please take it easy and make sure you have #s close by if you have worries or a question. The first couple days home can be overwhelming even for a tough customer like you!

  13. I’m so happy to read this Ez.! hope that things will get easier by the minute and that soon you’ll be resting at home with your girls. 4 miles? you’re my hero.
    sending you a big hug and much love.

  14. You had me at coffee. Catheter-free, percocet, beautiful wife and a walk…ding ding ding jackpot! Yes, coffee WITH bourbon, most def. All the best to you.

  15. holy shit!! 4 miles!!! mike and I are in line for coming uptown and cooking something! we have been working on black bean soup (with ham hock) or whole grilled chicken or or or porcini risotto? tell us your pleasure 😉

  16. Happy to read you are on your way home and cleared for real food (yay!). Thinking strong healing thoughts your way as you push forward.

  17. ALL THANKS TO YOU – completed Berlin in 5hrs 9mins.
    My 4th marathon in 4 years – NYC still reigns supreme with a pb of 4hrs 52mins.
    Bring on the next one – Chicago maybe??
    GO GO GO Ezra – we’re with you every step of the way…

  18. Yay coffee! Now get going on that poop thing so you can get the H out of there and go home! Here’s to good Mondays… actually here’s to good Mondays that just keep getting better. You continue to amaze me, Ez. Love to you and Hil.

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