Cancer Free

Ya heard?

Went to the doc yesterday, and while there are still a few stains he wants to do on the biopsies, the results he has show no more malignancy.  That’s code for no more cancer!  All that’s left is an angry little ulcer, which is still causing a certain amount of discomfort, but shouldn’t be for long.  Sigh of relief.

Everyone seems to be on the same page that I WILL need surgery.. that this thing must be taken out.  They seem to agree also, however, that it won’t need to be a complete recection.  That they may in fact be able to cut out the dead tumor by just taking an elliptical section around it, and then closing up the wall of the rectum without affecting the surrounding muscles (i.e. sphincter), leaving me continent.  NICE.  This couldn’t really be better news.  Well..  I guess it could.. “Um.. we went in there, and couldn’t find it..  I mean, it’s just not there..  we’re sort of wondering if the original results were from someone else.. we’re looking into it.  Meanwhile, um..  you’re fine.  Go ride a bike.  Sorry about all that Chemo.”

But fantasy land aside, this is GREAT news.  When I get back from Nova Scotia, we’ll begin preparations for surgery.  Some surgical consults.  Getting several surgeons to agree that this given surgery will work, etc..  Following surgery, I will have 4 months of chemo (oh god).  And get this: I’ll go in every other monday, they’ll give me a dose in the office, but then send me home with a pump stuck in my port that will drip chemo for the next 48 hours.. I’ll then go back to the office on wednesday and have the thing removed, and get a third dose.  Whoa!  You thought it was all matrixy before!

Hill had her second interview and said that it went very well.  No final word yet, but she came away from it feeling pretty confident.  I’m honestly a little more excited and nervous about this than my own news.  This job would be such a good fit for her.  She’d be in charge of recruiting and managing all volunteers for trans-alt..  as an example, for the new york century (trans-alt’s big annual event) they had over 500 volunteers working.  Holy cow.  She’ll be up to her eyeballs, but it’ll be great fun.  The orginazation is doing such great work, and it seems appropriate for someone living here at the VT. house to be involved in the advocacy side of cycling.  SO.  Keep thinking good thoughts for Hill.  We should hear sometime today or tomorrow.

That’s it.  We’re going to sit down with coffee and see what needs to be packed.. make a list of things we’re likely to be forgetting.  Then, up to VT to pick up an international 14 that someone gave us (yeah timmy!), on to portland to spend the night with kimmy and jon, my best friends from college, before hopping on the ferry in the midst of hurricane kyle, and floating up to NS (we may end up having to drive all the way around).  Ta da!

Oh.  and cancer, you shoulda done some fucking research.  I’m ezra.

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  1. Ezra and Hillary,

    Unbelievable news for both of you. Obviously, the words just aren’t there to describe the magnitude of the thing. Excellent timing and have a great time up north. You did it.

  2. nice one buddy! very glad it’s all coming together… make sure you take a million photos on your trip and share them with us all

  3. Well done! Maybe you don’t remember me, I bought a fender from you a few years back, from London. Anyway… I’ve been following your “process” (as we call it in cuba), and I’m very happy things work out. Having lost my father to cancer, I understand what you were going through and know that among the adversity of fighting the beast you should be happy that you had the chance to fight it at all.

    Best of Luck


  4. Damn good news, Ezra.

    I hope you and Hillary skip your way through vacation…you having kicked cancer’s ass and Hillary having a new job! And Putney….just there to make everyone happy!

  5. ezra & hillary

    i’m so happy to hear the good news for both of you! this vacation will be soooo sweet. i’ll be crossing my fingers that the ride on THE CAT will be smooth & calm. please enjoy enjoy enjoy the trip so that you’ll be well rested before the final battle against cancer and next time, you’ll tell it to STAY DOWN!

  6. its like a movie. with a great big epic sweeping into the sunset happy ending. i’m happy for you both about everything in this post. what a great day! what an adventurous life!

  7. WooHoo! Have an amazing trip to Vermont–I recommend making your way up to The Parker Pie Company in Glover… YAYAYAYAY!!!!!

  8. !!!!EZ!!!! Man, congrats congrats congrats. Such good news on so many levels.

    Enjoy NS. Enjoy the air and light and Put and Hill and come back reenergized for the final push.

  9. Fuck cancer you’re Ezra! Great news. Don’t break too much stuff on the I14. Those are some seriously fun boats to sail 🙂

  10. I am soo late…
    These are the best news I have heard for weeks!!! So good to hear it. Soooo good.

    I was away from virtual world for a while…
    Was thinking about you though. This whole fucking cancer story was quite a shock for me, since you had annouced it some time ago. Last night I even had dream, and you were in it. It was very weird to dream about the person I had never met in reality.

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