A bunch of us got together and decided we’re going to help out Ezra. Our original idea was to get him everything he needed for his “assless” bike; however he’s not called fast boy for nothin’. As the idea was materializing, Ezra already sourced the parts. By the time we agreed to do it, the frame was done. He’s probably riding it around right now.

Ezra says the best way we can help him is to buy him a little piece of mind. While Ezra is kicking the shit out of cancer, he and Hill are going to be stretched pretty thin. So bust out your wallets, we’re going to try and make money one less thing to worry about . Megan (an angel) has taken some time to set up a Paypal donation button.

Thanks everyone, Nick.

Donate via PayPal to Ezra: Teaching Cancer to Cry.

Update 2013 – from Ezra: Thanks to everyone for their generous spirit and donations. We are honored by your kindness and support.