CB was in town.


cb with fb ink



Our good friend Cory Blackwood was in town this last week for work.  On thursday we had dinner with him at Cafe Mogador (a favorite of ours), and he asked how I felt about him getting a tattoo with a Fast Boy reference in it.

When he came to our house for dinner on monday, it was already done!

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  1. luv it…..it would match the one on my left inside wrist that is a the lens blades of a camera 50mm lens =) I am looking forward to visiting your foto site ……will there be a way to buy any? to help you with bills?

  2. Nice tattoo design and good tribute to a good friend I assume

    My uncle was over the other day and talking about Curtis barbecue (?) in Putney, VT and I was like HEY THATS WHERE ONE OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHERS GREW UP. Haha I was very excited.. I guess its pretty near to where I live in MA anyway, I’ll have to check out the place someday and just wondered if you’ve heard of it : )

  3. A rad tattoo. And his is one of my favorite bikes you built- the beer box, the rack, the steel. So beautiful. What a wonderful tribute. I love the new site.

  4. A lovely tribute….and the way his fingers are positoned are the same as yours (and the childs) on your opening page…not an accident?

  5. Cory – So awesome to know that you wouldn’t mind copy-cats. No one accuses me of being original, but I could wear the shit out of that tattoo.

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