The nice folks at NYHQ made me not one, but two gutter splints yesterday (I turned down a third..  no joke).

One for full support, and one for playing pool and cooking.

They were wonderfully accommodating.  All my gratitude.

Now.  Off to play some pool, and see how well it works.

(getting that cast off is like getting out of jail..  man oh man.)



33 Replies to “Cured!”

  1. Excellent! As someone with a horribly wobbly bridge I can only think that the splint will give you an unfair advantage.

  2. Happy for you, Ezra.

    It’s been a looong time since I followed someone’s blog. Always look forward to your posts though. Have been reading for a long time. You seem to be quite an amazing person (and also quite a handsome guy.. Love the self-portraits). Wish there were something nice I could do for you. Words will have to do I suppose.

  3. shine on my friend. You are incandescent.

    On another note, Yeah!! for the splint that lets you do fun stuff!!!!!

  4. Estoy feliz al verte que te estas recuperandote ,verte sonreir ,jugar,cosinar tu exquicita comida es maraviloso amigo,cuidate mucho un fuerte abrazo.

  5. WOW – i have just found your website… I love bikes, and I had a cancer diagnosis a couple of years ago. So far, NED… hoping to stay that way. Like you, I find much sanity through pedaling my bikes. And your bikes are gorgeous – as is your writing. I wish you more (but uneventful) crashing on the Ultimate Tight Ass. Shit but that bike is hot as fuck. Well done, sir, well done.

  6. Hi guy. Follow your blog from Florence Italy, and was wandering how you are doing now. Please let us all hear from you: hopin’ for some good news. Un abbraccio, lol Chiara

  7. Ezra, you make me laugh, you make me cry. Your bikes are beautiful, your food videos lots of fun. Your life is terrifying, and your decision to just live out your life is inspiring. I wish you better health, I wish science would hurry up, I wish there was something I/any of us could do for you.

    Hill, my heart goes out to you, I lost my husband to cancer 30 months ago. Say yes to everyone who can offer real help, let them shop and bring you food, sleep as late as you want, stay up as late as you want. Don’t see people who bring you down, you’ll have plenty of that on your own, keep the pictures up and if you can, talk about him to others, keep him in the conversation, believe me it helps.

    If you can, elbow into this blog, the support here is amazing and you’ll want to keep it up. It keeps the good stories/memories/loving at your fingertips and will keep you going.

    Best thoughts hurling thru the air toward you.

  8. I just came over here via ThisIsMadeByHand to send you some love and let you know that your story has touched me, deeply. It inspired me to kick off some serious changes in my life and – believe it or not – your words will have a lasting impact on my thinking. All of which is to say: You‘re making a difference.

    Best wishes from Germany,

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