day 1

I’ve been out of surgery for almost 24 hours now.  It went very well.  All the margins were clean, which means that the tumor has been completely removed.  Whether or not the cancer has spread remains to be determined.  I feel optimisitic, however.  The care I’m receiving is top notch.

They’ve made some pretty drastic adjustments to my body!  Pictures soon!  I’m currently attached to many tubes.  I’m catheterized..  There’s an 8 inch incision going straight past my belly button.  This is closed with staples.  no kidding.  There’s a sump pump inserted into my abdomen through this incision, to suck out any liquid that builds up.  An IV into my wrist dripping gatorade.  And a tube going into my spinal column delivering the good dope that’s keeping me pain free (and doing an amazing job!).

I was in and out for most of the afternoon yesterday.  But perked up at night and didn’t end up getting much sleep.  From around 12:30 to 4:30 I took a bunch of 30 second naps.  I’m in a room with 3 room-mates, and there’s a lot of action.  Constant checking of vitals, changing IVs, pulse-ox alarms going off to no avail, room-mates snoring, TVs blaring with no one watching etc..  They said something about moving me to a quieter room for tonight.  We’ll hope!

uf…  can’t keep my eyes open.  More in a little while.

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  1. sorry that was very immature. you got a lot going on there ez! you look good. please tell the docs thank you very much for taking good care of you. nap well. great to see you. p.s. tv’s blaring with noone watching always creeps me out a bit. that would bug me too.

  2. Sounds like things have gone as well as possible so far! I’m glad the spinal drip is working. Hope you get that private room tonight.

  3. You look awesome, brother! Hope you get some rest and that somebody will TURN THAT DAMN TV DOWN!!!!!! Hospital tv is the worst.

  4. We don’t know each other and there’s a part of me that feels voyeuristic being here, reading such personal accounts. I found you on flickr through your Putney pictures but I’m so glad to have ventured further, to learn more about what you’re going through. I have no idea how to say it except, it feels like a privilege – somehow. I’m shaking my head here in admiration of your courage and wish you more of it – and all the healing in the world. And more sleep. And everything else. Will be following to see how you’re doing. Best, greer

  5. Just want to echo Greer’s sentiments. You’re a brave man, and I feel somehow lucky to be able to follow your experience and send you some mojo. Keep doing what you do. Wishing you more good luck in the following days.

  6. Marvellous see you!! I feel so glad for you, it’s fantastic that everything went well, you’re in good hands, I hope this episode of your life soon it’ll be in the past and you’ll be very happy as you deserve. Force and energy. Lots of hugs, Ez!! You’re a model for me, very special person!!

  7. My smile is so wide that face hurts. Good to see ya sitting up right. Get ya some EAR Plugs. The foam kind that ya twist up and stick in your ears. Ya can still hear things, but all sharp noise are dull. No startling noises. And the sound of your breath can be meditative. Try it. Its a life saver for me. Glade to see ya clearing these hurdles like the athlete you are.

  8. You look fucking remarkable all things considered Ez. I was always amazed while spending time with Thomas in hospitals how terribly UN-restful they are. The unwatched tv was my fave too. Good luck with that quieter room! Keeping all the love I’ve got headed to you and Hil.

  9. Great to see you out of bed and sitting up. Heal well!

    Another gripe about hospitals is nurses who wake you up every two hours to check this or that. You lose all sense of night and day which makes it very hard to sleep normally! I hope you get some rest tonight.

  10. Glad to see you sitting up! Do you have to wear those pressurized cuffs on your legs? Those things drove me nuts! I could never fall asleep for longer than an hour without waking up, they overdosed me on muscle relaxants during surgery and had a hard time waking me up. I kept having nightmares/flashbacks (whatever), about them telling me to squeeze their hand and a breathing tube being in my throat. I hope they’re able to move you to your own room. Having your own space helps a lot. 🙂

  11. Great to see you out of bed! Did you manage to get a little rest? Sounds like you need a TV-B-Gone!

    Hope you get a quieter room soon.

  12. SOOOO much energy coming your way, dude. you gotta be feeling it … well, maybe not for a while what with the drug-haze and all … but you’ll be feelin’ it soon. i mean, surely if there is a higher power in all of this, he/she/it is hearing us all loud and clear, strong and bold … and all of our healing energy is flowing directly to you.

  13. checking in, so glad you’ve pulled through this one. I am continuously amazed by your ability to articulate the ordeal you are going through= your description of the house plumbing and how you thought about that being done to your body pretty much gave words to what I’d been thinking about, and yet, it is you going through it , and you able to step back enough to say those things, and share them with us. It is such a gift, as everyone here seems to recognize. I think our tendency is to hide in shame, or horror, or fear, from other’s and our own ordeals of this sort. I wish my mother had been able to read your expressions when she was going through cancer– I think it would have given her the courage to face an aspect of the reality of the thing that she was never able to do. But I guess each has their own way that feels safe. I am grateful for all your words, as testament to your courageous spirit.

  14. righteous. go cowboy!

    (hope ya get some sleep. a friend o’ mine was in the hosp. and what with all the beepin’ and all, he was exhausted. get yerself a private room if ya can).

    and man o man. you look good (again) considerin’!

  15. Congratulations that the surgery went well and that they got the whole tumor. I am totally sending mojo that the cancer did not spread ANYWHERE else! You look strong. It’s truly amazing.

    Thanks for keeping us so informed. Much luck being sent for the next steps…

  16. Come on Ezra ….hang in there….. your photos, bikes, dog, wife, life are amazing…. I sat here and went through all 153 pages of your flickr shots, yes all 153 pages and I love your photography (wicked composition)…. mentioning your KneeCon f100 makes me miss film and that camera… sold it to a lawyer (double bad karma)…. When I see your shots, it makes me want to get out and shoot. Very inspirational.

    I love your bikes and looks like you are VERY passionate about them… love the simplicity and attention to minimalist design/details ……now, I want to build.

    We are sending you our best from the west coast of Canada to you and yours at this time… come on buddy, hang in there….. thinking of you …. sincerely, Dave

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