Day 1

I took the train down to 72nd street and walked across the park to Alberto’s office.  He plugged me in and all is going well.  He’s got wireless in his office, and I had the good sense to bring my computer.  I’ll be able to get a little work done during these sessions (maybe it’s time to finally write that manifesto for the FBC site.. )

I’ve got a couple of bikes I need to design.  Some orders I need to put together.

I’m hoping that I feel well enough when I get home this evening to try and squeeze enough acetylene out of that bottle to finish up the Assless frame.  Parts will be arriving over the course of the week..  Very generous donations from Phil Wood, Chris king, and White Industries.  I’m hoping to have it built and ready to ride by the weekend.

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  1. Around here, “Albertos” is a chain of little Mexican food shops, so everytime I read that, I think “ooooooooh, potato rolled tacos.” I just wanted to share that positive mental association.

  2. Lots of love and positive energy from your family in MA…..we follow your blog daily and look forward to seeing you in person in the not-too-distant future we hope! : )

  3. last year when i added your flickr page to my favorites, i bookmarked page number 36. so since then every time i open your flickr i see first your photos form around this time last year. i like it like that so i leave it that way. yesterday the photo i got was the one from june 10th , that hillary took of you sleeping with puteny. you look so serene . i hope this treatment is not too rough, that you feel ok tonight .

  4. For someone who just started chemo/protonbeam, you sound great. I remember seeing my dad slump over the kitchen table like the last guy at the bar on his first day.

    Keep the awesomeness up.

    I didn’t expect to get a response to my comment. Made my day. 😀

    Rooting for you from suburbia.

    Kick (assless) ass!

  5. Hello Ezra!
    I am Kris (Antonides) McKinnon – your fourth oldest cousin (between Jen and Peter) who you don’t really know & only met you when you were a little guy. Jen forwarded me your blog link shortly after her visit to Colorado. WOW! I am dumbfounded by your cancer discovery & our family cancer history; I thought it was all lung and mostly due to smoking. My husband, pooch (Bruce & Rio) and I are duly inpressed by your fighting attitude and in are total awe of your bikes!!! A wierd way to get to introduced, but please know we are, and will be rooting for you through all this! Much love from the West, Kris

  6. Hi Ezra, I forgot to mention (on Flickr) that Damon & I have, literally, a handful of friends who not only were diagnosed with prostate cancer but are alive as if nothing ever happened to them, ten or so years after the fact. Bizarre coincidence, whatever, but it’s just the statistics on our end. And we can’t wait to add you to our fuckd’it! list, too 😉 So just hang in there…

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