Day 4

I’m sitting here in chemo. drip drip drip.

Yesterday was pretty rough. It’s a much better story if I just take all this in stride, and continue unaffected.. “I’M EZRA!” But this chemo stuff is no joke. I haven’t managed to keep anything down since breakfast yesterday (a piece of toast). Water won’t even stay in me. We’re switching anti-nausea meds (from kytril to zofran), with fingers crossed.

I was so frustrated to get home yesterday and not feel up to working. I lay down for a short nap and woke up a few hours later. Woops. I got as far as the kitchen before it was totally clear to me that bike painting wasn’t going to happen. Better luck today.

If it’s making ME feel this lousy, just imagine what it’s doing to that little cancer fucker.

“this is going to hurt you more than me, little guy! I can handle some nausea and fatigue.. how do YOU feel? (fucker)”

Still. It’s not something I’d wish on anyone.

Two more days of chemo, and then I switch to just radiation for a couple of weeks. Alberto tells me that I should expect to feel pretty fatigued from the radiation. The nausea should go, though. Ater yesterday, some plain old fatigue sounds pretty nice.. I’ve got all sorts of good napping surfaces in my house.. and Putney is snuggly.

If all goes as planned, the rest of the parts for the assless bike should arrive today. SWEET! An update a little later.

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  1. Oh, that’s good that you get a break from the chemo! And here’s to new anti-nausea meds. Let me know when you’re ready to defeat the stand-up pears and they’ll be there…

  2. I keep writing comments that don’t get posted –
    Here is the shorten version of what I spent lots of time writing

    BOO that you feel like shit
    Yeah, they changed N/V meds
    Zofran is good – if it doesn’t work ask for ATIVAN
    What chemo agents are you getting?
    Tell them to give you some extra IV fluids when they are giving you chemo being dehydrated can make you feel like shit –
    You seems like someone who is “busy” all the time – listen to your body and rest when you need too
    Radiation won’t be as bad as chemo but you will be really worn out and fatigued-
    Hang in there
    Sending good thoughts and prayers your way –
    Kick that cancer square in the nut sack!

  3. MMM… stand-up pears. NICE.

    Yup. We’re dripping all sorts of saline today. And I’m finally keeping water down, so it’s going in that way too..
    Getting some food in me is the next trick.
    (strange that your posts aren’t going up..)

  4. fuck man. that sounds major suck. but you’re right about if it makes you feel this bad, just think of what it’s doin’ to the problem. sendin’ ya all good thoughts from here in boston, ezra. tell your lady, i’m sendin’ good stuff her way as well.

  5. Urgh, man. Chemo’s a mess. It’s poison for a purpose, but still poison- I hope that switching the meds helps.

    The nausea will (I’m 96% sure) die with the chemo, but radiation is going to get you tiiiiired. But coffee’s there for a reason!

    Keep on keeping on. I’m impressed by you.

  6. I’ll be glad for you when the chemo is over. And it’s nice to hear you talk about the REAL nature of this. I love how you’re all “I’M EZRA”, but you’re allowing yourself to be like “but, OH FUCK”.

    You continue to be inspiring to me, and we’ll all be here telling cancer to fuck directly off right along with you…………


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