Just finished making this thing for my brother, Zach.

I’m not allowed to say what it is.

In some circles I’m known as the other Caldwell.  This is because, in those circles, my brother is a bit of a guru.  He’s one of very few people in the U.S. grinding skis.  He spends his time in a shop about the size of mine, grinding microscopic patterns into the bases of cross country skis to make them go faster in very specific conditions.  Different grinds for different conditions.  The U.S. ski team skis on his skis.  He makes trips to the factories in Europe where they’re made to hand pick skis.  He coaches some of the U.S. ski team’s biggest hopes.  He’s a big deal.  You can check him out here.

It was at the tail end of my recent trip up to visit Zach in Vermont for some mountain biking, that we went and found my new mill.

Up until now I’ve been working with a couple of really crappy little Chinese bench top mills (mostly because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get anything bigger into my shop!  The fact that we got this thing in there as easily as we did may set a dangerous precedent..  Now the only limitation will be floor space.. and financing).  This mill introduces a whole new level of fabrication capability, especially since I’ve added a DRO.

While I was up in Vermont, we schemed up a small improvement to Zach’s stone grinder (with the new mill in mind).  An adjustable thingy that will..  Well, that will do something REALLY clever that I’m not at liberty to tell you about (and that I may not entirely understand).

Fascinating story.  I know.

All the same.  I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Hill comes home late tonight.  I’d better go straighten up the house a little.

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