The day before yesterday Hill and I took a little trip up to Halifax with Greg and Colin (AK, uncle Cooolin’), and stopped by Lee Valley where I picked up some very classy whetstones.

Yesterday morning, I made my cooking knife VERY sharp

Last night, while cooking dinner for Heidi and Rose out on middle island, I lost a good part of my finger to the bloody thing (after extolling the virtues of a sharp knife..  mainly that they are sooo much safer than the dull variety.  jack ass.)

Rose left the room with her head in her hands.

Dinner was delicious.

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  1. One less chunk of your body to worry about. Saves on shower soap and maybe you’ll get a discount on gloves! “Yes, how much would I have to pay for these gloves if I didn’t need this finger here?”

    Dinner looks great! Hope you’re having a blast aside from the self-mutilation.

  2. um, is the sausage in the photo homemade? are those potato fingerlings on the plate?
    neighborhood is getting boring without you guys.

  3. Oops! Leaving pieces of yourself in dinner is seldom a good thing. True about the sharp knives being safer thing though. *cuddles cheap but lethal carbon steel cleaver carefully* Blunt rubbish kitchen knives are dangerous and just plain unpleasant to use. Liking the food porn 🙂

  4. The beard looks good!!!

    We want a photo of your finger-less hand!!!

    It’s good to know you are having a good time, bloody incidents aside.

  5. Oooh… That’s a sharp knife!

    Come home! I miss you guys, and your parents knives need sharpening! 🙂

    And yes, that is a nice lookin’ beard!


  6. Ez,
    The end of that sausage looks unnervingly like a cut off finger…

    (by the way, the others are right; good to see that you’re looking well. Off the see my Dad & his oesophageal cancer this weekend. Reading your blog before I go always gives me a tiny bit more positivity.)

    Rubber Side Down

  7. Reading this brought back memories of Thomas getting a pair of scissors from the treassure box at school (what were they thinking?) smuggling them home in his backpack and then when he and Mari were the living room doing crafts while I was cooking he cut the tip of his finger off. I’ll never forget the blood or Mari’s comment, “it’s OK Thomas. You can have one flat finger and 9 round ones.”

  8. You have haaaaair!!!! And lots of it!

    My left thumb is kind of…gibbous from all the times I’ve run over it with a new blade in my box cutter. Cutting bookboard, you can only pull the knife towards you and those pesky thumbs always seem to creep further out with each pass.

    Dinner looks divine. Glad you’re well.

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