With chemo, that is. No more until after surgery.  And that will be a much less rigorous schedule, with much less toxic drugs.

It was a brutal three days, but it’s over.  I went for early morning radiation today, and now I’m free until monday morning.  What a relief.  Next week I’ll have radiation every morning, but then I’m done entirely!  GREAT!

I’m feeling about as lousy as I’ve ever felt.  Puking up nothing but bile.  Haven’t kept anything down in several days.  Peristant headache.  If I move too fast my chest hurts.  Somehow though, I’m feeling very upbeat.

I WIN motherfucker!  Now I think I’ll go lay down.

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  1. Yeah Ezra! Figured you were a little busy finishing up beating that tumor fucker into the ground – glad you’ve crossed such a major hurdle. YOU RULE!

    -j, r, s & z

  2. i’ve been quietly standing by waiting for this post…now…i can take a deep breath.

    i don’t know you…but i’m cheering really, really hard for you.


  3. It’s only natural you’d be a little tuckered after that much ass-kicking; kicking ass is hard work, and you’ve been doing a lot of it (well done, btw!). A lie-down will do ya good, especially if it follows close on the heels of an anti-cancer scone.

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