Dugout canoe. Obviously.

Yesterday morning my phone rang.



“Ahh…  Gunnar?”


“what can I do for you?”

“Do you, mumble mumble, blow torch?”

“What?!  Do I have a blow torch?”

“NO!  Do you have a GOOD BLOW TORCH?”

“OH!  a GOOD one.  Yeah.  I have a good blow torch.” (you’re 8… what do you want with a blow torch?)

“Ok.  I’ll be right over..”  click.

10 Replies to “Dugout canoe. Obviously.”

  1. Possession of a GOOD blow torch: Surely the definition of a cool adult to an eight-year-old kid. I don’t have a single acquaintance with a blow torch, much less a good one.

  2. aw, I wanna be a third grade teacher so I can hang out with the kid who realizes that you need a GOOD blowtorch to make a proper dugout canoe!

  3. Love Putney’s face… kind of a “oh shit – what’s that kid got in mind!?” Or, perhaps a “All right!! Let’s GO!!!”