End of another round

This week I started a day late because Alberto was swamped with other patients on monday (cancer is suddenly all cool!  People are biting my moves!).  So I’m getting unplugged today.  It hasn’t been a terrible round.  I feel as though if I didn’t have this pump hanging off me, I might be able to ignore the symptoms..  kind of..  There’s something really creepy about having a tube stuck in your chest.  Always such a relief to get it pulled.  This one is a little special. I am half way through post surgery treatments.  Just 3 more months to go (oh god).

Yohei is in the USA.  He’s here for what has become an annual pilgrimage to NAHBS.  Each year it seems that he makes a few more stops while he’s here.  NYC is a standard.  He’ll be staying with us for a few days about a week from now (unfortunately, he’ll be catching me right at the beginning of the next round of chemo.  Oh well..  He has offered to make trips to the super-market..  he LOVES fairway).

NAHBS is this weekend.  I’m a little sad to be missing it.  I didn’t even get it together to send the assless..  Oh well.  Mike Flanigan’s response was “nahbs Schmahbs.. you’ll be there next year.”  Right on.

I’ve had a rash of new orders in the last few days.  Maybe people are feeling spring or something.  It was pretty dead there for a while.  People are feeling the pinch, and aren’t excited about spending money.  I WAS working on the last bike in the queue!  Now suddenly it’s a 4 month wait again.  Suits me fine!  keep the orders coming!

I’m looking into moving into a warehouse space up in the south bronx.  I need a little more room.  I need to be able to make noise at any time of day (particularly early morning).  And I need a space that I can get BIG machines into without having to completely dismantle them.  I need some big machines.  For sure.  I’ve taken a look at the numbers, and this year would certainly put the squeeze on.  But I believe in the business..  I believe in what I’m doing.  It’s my sense that in times like this, the bold end up being rewarded, and that a few years down the road I’ll be very glad that I made the move.  This whole thing has been a real jump-and-the-bridge-will-appear type venture.  No reason to change philosophies now!

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  1. great to hear you so upbeat. Spring is just around the corner. I think it will bring good feelings and good things to us all.

  2. Ez, Always rooting for FBC back in SF. Watching a few builders throw in the hat this year is saddening, but when my own potential layoff is looming above my head, it makes me glad I got my FB when I did. Carry on with the progression! I wish you luck in health and business!

  3. So nice to read the update. Great news about the 4 in the queue.

    Nice to read the positiveness (is that a word) in this post.

    Treatment seems to get going well…. Three to go.

    As always…. sending good thoughts.

  4. you sound great Ezra, and glad to hear all the big plans. I share your feelings for the future and happy to hear you tooling up to prepare for it.
    thinking of you often.

  5. Hey, slightly off topic, but I saw (via HKfixed) that Fixie Inc. is using your handlebars on a new off the peg model & wanted to send congrats, and as a long time lurker, love your bikes (one day, me + money, etc) and wish you all the best generally.

    Right then. Cheers,

  6. You know buddy, watching you through all this has been a powerful lesson for me in inspiration and fighting “good” fights. Picking my battles. I’ve often thought of you when I’ve caught myself getting all worked up about something like someone bumping me on the subway. And I think about what it must be like for someone going through the fight of their life wishing their only problem was someone bumping them on the subway. You are an instrument of courage, determination, grit, and humility. You are a REAL man. You have been fighting this with dignity and humor. Whatever you show on the outside is what people see. And what people see is what effects the most change. If you ever have moments when you think you can’t, when you think you’re tired, when you think you’ve had enough, just know that there are people like me that feel blessed you’ve come into their lives. You have purpose here. Keep fighting, buddy.


  7. Hey Ezra,
    I was surfing around on the net and came across this. I don´t have words, it´s just unbelievable, I can´t imaging fastezzie going through this. I´ll be coming to New York in May, was thinking of you, miss your classes of course… you have been an inspiration to me. But I understand, bikes are so much cooler ; )
    Lots of love,
    Janne (the tall Norwegian one)

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