erbitux is weeeiiiird

Over the weekend, I managed to turn 37 without incident. Not that this was unexpected, but these landmarks take on some significance when you’re not well! Hurrah.

The week that was SO easy compared to the others really caught up with me in the end. I’ve been feeling pretty crappy over the last few days. Unfortunately those days have coincided with birthday and early family xmas. My sister has been in town for a few days and we decided to celebrate xmas early, with breakfast on Sunday, followed immediately by a joint bday party for me and special Ed in the evening. I made cochinita pibil for twenty, though I think we ended up being 14 or so and there are some leftovers!

The erbitux has started to do new and colorful things. Wow. It seems as though each round it picks a new part of my face to ravish and then moves on. First it was around the nose, then across the cheeks, then my eyelids got super dry and chapped feeling, and now this!!?? The good news is that once it does some real damage to an area, that area seems to be much less affected down the road.  Almost as though the skin gets vaccinated by the experience. Maybe soon it’ll move on to parts of my body that are more typically covered up! That would be a nice change. I got my usual monday top up today (followed by a 4 hour benadryl nap), so we’ll find out soon enough!

Thanks very much to all of you who bought prints on Etsy. Too kind!

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  1. Hey Ezra…so sorry to hear that you are not too good at the moment. Hope you managed to have a good time on your birthday and I’m sending you lots of love.

  2. Happy Belated B-Day my Man!!! Adrienne celebrated on Friday and her sister Michelle is tomorrow (Tue). Your in good company Sag. May the holiday season bring you Great Laughter, Joy and Peace. Roll on Brotha’ ROLL ON!!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday Ezra! I wish you energy and strength, a million little daily joys, peace and much Love for an other year to come.

  4. Time to eat all those foods you’re allergic to, while laughing maniacally and asking them, oblivious to their inanimatedness, “What are YOU going to do, huh?!?!”

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Ezra….next year you’ll be on top form and can celebrate properly – both birthday and Christmas.

    Sorry to see that you’re having a rough time at the moment. Soon be done.
    Hugs xxx

    I just turned 37 last week too. Here’s hoping you this coming year brings you good health, wealth, and happiness 😉
    PS how on earth do you manage to cook for a group of 14 when you are feeling the shits?! I have trouble cooking for 4 on my best days. Impressive you are…

  7. Ezra, I hope it’s ok to leave a message, not so soppy and all, coz you know I am a stranger really, but I used to read your blog and celebrated when you had your first year cancer-free, with a lighter heart I went off thinking that life can stitch itself right sometimes, I check your flickr stream as I love the bikes you make and then today I saw the photos, and my heart sunk. It’s odd because I am indeed a stranger, I like your bikes and that’s how I came to read your blog originally, but as these things go I found/find your words inspiring, your strength to be inspiring, and although we’ve not met I am rooting for you to kick the a$$ out of this cancer time too! Happy belated birthday! Hang in there and keep your strength, you are an inspiration, for ‘teaching cancer to cry’ and for the amazing talent you have in building bikes… and the photos you take and the cooking you do! Sending you a huggable dose of strength from across the pond 🙂

  8. Hey Ezra, I’m back on the Erbitux as well. It will be interesting. Hang in there and please post when you have to trim your eyelashes!

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