Feeling.. well.. a little punchy!

I woke up this morning, after a good night’s sleep, and actually feel pretty good.  Best I’ve felt in 5 weeks or so!  Hot dog.  No treatment until next monday.  I might actually get some good days out of this week.  After our morning exercises (see above), putney and I are going to take a long walk.  5 miles or so..  just to make sure that the upcoming 15k isn’t pure insanity.

BTW!!!  You guys are rock stars.  After just one day, we’re over $3K!!  Too many beautiful!

Later in the day I might even venture out into the shop for a bit..  See if I can remember how all those tools work.  (or maybe I’ll come home from that bloody walk and sleep for the rest of the day!  there’s no telling.)

Big love to you all.

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  1. heehee. you are clearly like “what do you want? i thought you wanted a nap!” and putney is having none of it.

  2. Happy to read you are feeling better and walking with Putney. I feel better too reading you, and i get positive energy ( i need it, bc i’m in hospital now). Have a very good time! Hugs

  3. Woo, first time posting on your blog – usually can’t summon the words for an adequate response but this week was easy.


    I had a boxer that used to play just like this. Similar mannerisms.

    Love the bit at 00:42.. ‘K, gunna take the high road here…not interested NOT interested (is he coming is he coming!?)..dun look!..’

  4. OK, I requested dancing, you gave me wrestling…close enough. 😉

    Putney is adorable! Congrats on the fund raising…reminds me I need to make a donation.

    P.S. I tried Sardines for the first time today. I bought the canned ones in tomato sauce. Sauteed them with onions, lemon juice, and Sriracha. Ate on crackers. Delicious! New favorite snack/meal!

  5. Ezra, you’re crazy 🙂 Glad to see you two playing in bed (with shoes on??? What does Hill say? My girlfriend would love to kill me if i do that ;)). Hope you enjoyed your 5miles!?

  6. Ha! I cannot watch this enough. You under the pile of covers waving your hands about… hilarious. Good to see you and Putney Sue in action 🙂

  7. ohmygosh! this video is so funny! big laughs over here, and my dog is doing a very confused bark… she’s PRETTY sure that is a noise she should go apeshit over, but she’s not 100%..

  8. I work 3rd shift in a Trauma ICU in Lexington, Kentucky. It’s (thankfully) been a slow night tonight. The nurses and I have spent most of our evening reading this blog from day one until current. You should have heard the cheers and seen the smiles on our faces when we watched this video!! We are so often surrounded by illness, injury, and sadness; it was such a blessing to see you running around and being silly with Putney. Thank you so much for posting it! We are all rooting for you and Hill– we feel like we know you! Many prayers and good, healthy thoughts go to you from us.

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