First ride in VT

From my brother after Gunnar’s first day commuting to and from camp.

Gunnar did great both coming and going today. I picked him up, and I wasn’t quite fast enough getting going down the driveway for him. As we came to the downhill on hickory ridge road (past Tom Hayse’s place) he let forth a big “yahoooo!”. He seems to be getting the drift of the whole bike thing.

5 Replies to “First ride in VT”

  1. Okay is everything in Vermont always that green?? And just… country idyllic? “Hickory Ridge Road past Tom Hayse’s place”? You made that up.
    Cute kid / nice ride:)

  2. The first time you ride a bike up a hill with that ultra-determined, “this thing is NOT going to beat me” attitude, it makes a cyclists of you forever.
    He’s a Good Lad that Gunnar. He’s got it.
    Never Look Back.
    Keep pushing the pedals.
    Rubber Side Down.

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