fish tacos

Fish tacos are sort of a staple around here. You should eat them at your house too!

To my mind there are a couple of types of fish tacos.. One type that uses pretty pricey steaky fish, grilled, and then broken up and drizzled with lime, etc. Delicious. These are the other kind. Cheap fish, breaded and fried, and served with a little chipotle mayo. Also delicious.

The fish I use is Swai or Basa. I haven’t done much research, but my guess is that they’re the same thing. Just cheap white fish that’s good fried up.

To bread them, I use a mix of zizzed up panko and corn meal, with a good bit of cumin and black pepper. That’s it. Bread them and deep fry them in small batches just like you did with the calamari.

I usually serve them with some salsa, some quick pickled red onion, avocado, cilantro, and naturally, roasted poblanos.

Salsa:  Grape tomatoes work well in the winter when big tomatoes are terrible..  little diced red onion, little diced jalapeno, lime juice.   ta da.

Poblanos:  Roast them on open flame until the skin chars, then put them in a plastic bag to sweat for while.  When they’ve cooled down they’ll be easy to peel.  Peel them apart, core them, slice them up.

Onions:  Slice them thin across the grain, and add a little sherry vinegar and salt.  That’s it.  Do this at least 45 minutes before you eat so they can pickle a bit.

Chipotle mayo:  Goya and other companies like them, sell canned chipotle chiles in adobo sauce.  Perfect.  A few chiles diced up with whatever adobo is hanging on, mixed into some mayo makes great sauce for fish!

Slice the avocados and drizzle them with a little lime so they don’t go brown.  Heat the tortillas (fresh CORN tortillas) over the open flame (there’s a trick here.  Do it in batches of four.  Each time you flip, flip the whole stack, then the top two, then the top one.  This will eventually expose each surface..  The other trick is asbestos fingers, which I am quickly loosing to erbitux!)

That’s it.  All you need to know.  It’s not high brow food..  It’s just really tasty, particularly in the summer, but really any time you want.  Yesterday we decided we wanted.  Enjoy.

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  1. and after this little video, i decided i want some, but i couldn’t get up there fast enough before it all got ate up! YUM. YEAH TACOS de PESCADO .

  2. That just made me hungry! Dude, you should check out Tai Snapper. Wild caught in New Zealand and super flaky delicious like Red Snapper, but responsible. The silly thing is that Tai is the Chinese word for Snapper. So, it’s Snapper Snapper. Whatever, though, it’s delicious.

  3. Nice! Loving your take on food videos….I’ve watched a fair portion of Bittman’s NYTimes video shorts and learned a lot…yours are so much more artful, and in combination with your posts just as rich in tips, tricks and seeing the love of cooking. A thought….I’d love to get a sense of the layout of your kitchen. Photoshoot? It looks totally comfortable, high level of utility and quality without a lot of fancy. And also cozy, not crazy big.

  4. Cannot wait to make these. If they are anywhere near as good as your damn calamari is, well, I’m sure they will be.

    I love these fast boy films, Ezra. You make us feel the love in them- the love for the food, the love of prep and cooking, love for the tools, love for the beer, and the joy of making food for others to share.

    Your eye is as sharp as your heart is big, my friend.



  5. I thought the fish tacos I had the other night were good – the ones you made look amazing and we will attempt them asap!

  6. This was a wonderful video. Made me happy and hungry, which don’t often go together.

    What is the song, if I may ask?????

  7. Hi. You’re really godawful goodlooking but you eat some weird shit (duck legs?) I’m not a stalker poster. I came from the dishwaher’s house. When he says go there I go so I’m here.
    Rebecca Loudon

  8. EZ – love this video (and of course the Beck track). Sarah and I are going to make fish tacos tonight. Thinking of you and Hillary.

  9. Your videos are inspiring,so much so I bought myself a proper 8″ chef’s knife! Ahhhh, who knew chopping, dicing, slicing (etc.) could be so enjoyable! Hope to make these soon, they look crazy delicious! Cheers!!!

  10. Man, I don’t even like fish and peppers cause my joints to swell, but that just made me eight degrees of hungry.

  11. These are wonderful. I made them (and the calamari!) for my friends, and they were most impressed.

    Sending good thoughts your way every day! (I’m also fascinated by the bike stuff).


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