for your amusement

I’m trying to get into the habit of shooting more process pictures/videos in the shop. I made these.. um.. chopstick clamps yesterday to make a clumsy part of the process a little smoother. They work great!

A couple of days ago I noticed that the fog seemed to be lifting. Like getting over a cold you’ve had for a month or so, and realizing in retrospect just how crappy you felt. I’m emerging and realizing that I’ve been pretty depressed for MONTHS.

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  1. okay we had to watch this a couple times to get it:) More please!

    More Tom Waits too. Glad to hear you’re coming out the other side…

  2. I hear you kid. The last week or so the sunshine has been making me giddy and then I realized, I’m not so much giddy as much as I’m just not unhappy anymore.

  3. Dan Ez! I miss you and want to hug you. I will have to do it vicariously through my sweet offspring next week. xoxo!

  4. Big hug through the ‘net. Good to see you at work! and sweet tools. Im not sure how it all functions, but it sure looks nice. Ive been emerging from a funk as well. Time to celebrate!

  5. I for one thank you so much! I am your student of years and learn and enjoy so much. It is so fun to “see the pro on TV and play one at home” 🙂 Ha! As a hobbyist, the more I learn, the more in awe I am of the greats. Thank you! So proud.

  6. I never understood what that means . How do you know that you were depressed and not just feeling shity for acgood reason ? Or does It just mean that you were feeling bad relative to your average self ?

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