Friday already

Had a nice little run this morning.  Cool and crisp and sunny out.  Listened to Prince.  Obviously.

Hill left town yesterday.  She’ll be in Israel for the next ten days, with a group of fellow PHD students presenting at a conference.  Whoa.  (Not really sure what I’m going to do with myself!!  work..  yeah.  Probably work.)

Yesterday I finished up a set of four stools that I’d been meaning to get around to for ages.

About six months ago, on the way home from dinner with a friend, I found a a big (4’X6′) oak table top on the street.  After looking around for someone that it could possible belong to, Brenden and I carried it home.  The bulk of it became a dining room table that I’d promised my brother over a year ago.  I cut the tops for these stools out of a chunk that remained.  Far too small to get more than two full circles out of, but I decided that it wouldn’t bother me at all if they weren’t FULL circles.  The legs are brazed 4130.  Pretty happy with them.

Perfect for the kitchen side of our counter/dining room table.  They can slide under and stay out of the way when the kitchen is busy.

Caldwell out.

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  1. Now that’s a nice, reasonable looking run. Mixing it up so that you’re not always going longer/harder is the key to success. Slow build = uninjured body. Nice work!

  2. La mesa es genial, los taburetes me gustan muchísimo, me alegra saber que has hecho esa ruta (realmente larga) corriendo, y que estás tan lleno de energía y positividad. Ánimo, diez días pasan volando. Yo he comenzado a trabajar de nuevo tras, casi un año, peleando con diversos problemas y con temporadas (casi carcelarias) en varios hospitales, y me siento capaz de cosas nuevas. Un abrazo grande. Y muchas gracias por estar ahí!!


    The table is great, stools I like very much, I’m glad you’ve done that route (really long) running, and you’re so full of energy and positivity. Courage, ten days go son quickly!!. I have started working again after almost a year, struggling with various problems and seasons (about prison) in several hospitals, and I feel capable of new things. A big hug. And thank you a lot for be there

  3. I believe that there is absolutely nothing that you cannot do once you have decided it so. You are such an inspiration!

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