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The following message appeared on my flickr stream last night, and I felt I should republish it here:

Dear Cancer, sorry for my bed english, bud I wanted to write you this letter for long time. You are not right here, because, not any of Ezras frient or any meber of the family including dog, needs you to come and test, if our love is strong enough. Ezra is working well, you fuck, and we need his photos and bikes. If you don’t like to ride bikes, it doesen’t meen, that others don’t like it, you know. If you don’t like dogs, it doesen’t meen that others don’t love them you fucking egoist. Ezra is here with us, and you, FUCK OF HERE!!!. Your sincerely Janis. Hold on Ezra.

Janis, your bed english is perfect.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’m guzzling down a cup of coffee and then heading off to see the doc about this bloody fistula.  News as the day progresses.


Already back from the doc.  There is nothing wrong.  He took a look at the pocket and probed a little, found that it was very shallow, and not in fact a tunnel into my insides.

His explanation about where all the blood had come from was pretty vague, but he was clearly not concerned..  So neither am I.

I walked home through central park.  It’s snowing.  Fresh beautiful falling snow in the park.  Walking around the reservoir, a whole flock of seagulls sitting on a piece of ice out in the middle.  What a beautiful world!  Hardly another soul around.

Now I think I’ll go play a little pool.


Thank you all for the encouragement.  For better or worse, this photo is now available on Etsy.  You said to print it.  I was skeptical.  I tweaked and prodded a little, and ended up with a print that I think is quite beautiful.  Who would have thought!!?  (well, I guess a few of you did..)

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  1. I wanted to mention on your flickr how much I loved that comment too, but I couldn’t find wordring that didn’t sound sarcastic, which of course I wasn’t. My bed english isn’t great either I guess.

  2. … oops, I pressed “submit” too early

    Anyway, it’s a wonderful letter and it’s great that it made your day. Go Janis!!!! you tell ’em!!

  3. I’m with Janis, I have a bed english too…. but I’m with you all time, trying send my positive energy, because you are so special and the world doesn’t have enough Ezras and we need more like you!! Fuck cancer, FUCK SO MUCH YET!!

    Ahh! have a very good pool time! 😛

  4. I heart Janis.

    Janis, you fucking rock. Hard. I mean that in the very best of way.s

    Excellent news about the fistula. Or rather the lack thereof.

    Also Ezra, I have to tell you that the print of Hillary in bed drinking coffee is the most gorgeous print I own. And I own a fair number of prints.

    Buy Ezra’s prints, people. They’re the shit.

  5. please make this photo available as a print.
    i love this entry. i love this blog and the energy behind it. even if you don’t have much, Ezra.
    thank you.

  6. I keep coming back to read her comment…it’s so pure of heart and touching, yet so hysterical at the same time. It makes me laugh, and cry.

    Hope you’re having a good weekend Ezra.

  7. we all need more bed english, if this is what it has to say. Janis, funny sweet and right on!!! love from back in Nola, xoxo

  8. You seem so calm about everything that is happening to you…like bloody fistulas. I would be freaking out! Sending more vibes of peace and strength to you. You’re making it through this thing. Also…I wish I could hire you as my full time chef! OMG your food looks so good!

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