A quick update.

Call off the dogs!  Thank you all for putting out the feelers.  Tomorrow I’ll be getting this cast off.

The doc who saw me a couple of weeks ago for my knee promptly answered my email and had the head of trauma at his hospital give me a call.  I spoke with him this morning.  It turns out that for a nightstick fracture like mine, the long arm cast is pretty old school.  He’s going to be seeing me on thursday about the possibility of surgery.  In the mean time, one of his colleagues will be seeing me tomorrow to remove the cast and fit me with a gutter splint (think custom molded shin guard, but for your arm-shins..).  This will not be bulky, and will be removable so that I can shower without the complication of having to keep a cast dry.  So I’ll have until thursday to decide whether the gutter splint is enough of an improvement over the cast.  If it’s not, we’ll be able to discuss surgery.  The doc felt that there was enough debate out there right now about the best way to treat a nightstick fracture, that it would probably be possible to get insurance to pay for the surgery.

Action!  Just one more night with this bloody cast!

The forearm is often raised to shield the head from a blow. The force of the assailant’s weapon is then dissipated on the shaft of the ulna. Injuries to the nerves, vessels, or muscles of the forearm rarely are produced. The isolated fracture of the ulnar shaft is often referred to as a nightstick fracture because so often the object striking the ulna is a wooden police club.

This from a paper challenging the efficacy of the long arm cast.  Pretty dark!

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  1. Dope! Joyful for you Ezra. Hope you don’t need to do surgery! Unless the recovery time is not long.

  2. Well hot damn Ezra! Things are looking up. Only doc rec I have is in Oregon, so I’m glad you found some progress there. I broke my jaw in much the same way years ago, and I don’t recommend being wired shut for 8 weeks either. You chose well. Thanks for making us laugh, as always. Time to ride the coaster brake bike one-handed, and/or set up the brakes moto-style?

  3. Good!!!!!! I had one of those (a gutter splint, I mean) a couple of years ago after a bike accident. They’re not that uncomfortable. I was able to do pretty much everything (save ride my bike, of course). Hope it works for you.

    Go Ezra!!!

    Cheers from Spain.

  4. Ha ha:) Head of trauma you say! I like the way you roll:) I’m a big fan. ‘Cause my next suggestion was going to be along the lines of “load up on painkillers. get down to your shop. cut that fucking cast off right now. build yourself a gorgeous fender-like splint. Custom. You could toyally do it. What could possibly go wrong…

  5. inexhaustible |ˌinigˈzôstəbəl|
    (of an amount or supply of something) unable to be used up because existing in abundance: his inexhaustible energy.

  6. Nice. Pays to put feelers out, doesn’t it? I had one of those half cast mold thingees a few years ago when I had a green stick fracture from falling too many times snowboarding. So much nicer to deal with than a full arm cast only you can’t really collect signatures on a half cast as you can with a full cast. Small price to pay. 🙂

  7. Hola Ezra me alegra saber q te sientes saludable apesar de todo lo q pasado en tu vida,estoy triste al verte con tu braso fracturado pero espero q superes este situacion y q todo valla bien en tu vida,cuidate mucho un fuerte abrazo mi CAPITAN!!!!!!

  8. What about topping it up with a bone stimulator. My Olympian friend is using a bone stimulator right now to treat a stress fracture. They’re expensive, but maybe someone could help you to find one that you could use for a short time? Might be worth a shot. Clearly, you don’t have time for this shit.

  9. Dear Ezra,

    Although the issue with your arm now is a real bummer story its written so well i had to re-read it three times.
    It makes me chuckle..” He did what??…first his knee?..then is arm??”

    What’s next? 😉

    Keep up the moods! Enjoy some pool!
    We are thinking about you across the ocean.

    Big hug Bro!


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