Garlic scapes abound.




This year the farmer’s markets are full of garlic scapes.  I haven’t really noticed that in previous years.  They’re like ramps in that there’s a really brief period that they’re in season, and they’re worth eating just about every night during that period! (a friend of ours in Nova Scotia grows garlic, and last year we happened to be there during scape season and she was NOT.  Naturally it was our duty to take care of all the scapes for her!)

This was pasta with garlic scapes and pistachios (!?), cream, parmesan, shredded basil.   So goddam good!  No idea where it came from, just popped into my head, but everyone loved it.  I may have to do it again before scape season ends!







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  1. Garlic scape season in Illinois and as always we make this. I had never heard of garlic scapes prior and now we hunt them down every year to make this. Thank you

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